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Unique Vegas Museums

Unique Vegas Museums

Vegas is a fascinating place to visit, because of its lack of a long history, the city is a mixture of different cultures and different traditions. Many people would go as far as to say that Vegas has its own culture and traditions, different from the rest of the country, and the rest of the world.

Part of the city’s culture is color, new architecture, casinos, and plenty of eye-catching art. Vegas is filled with museums and masterpieces. In fact, many would argue that Vegas itself is a museum since different forms of art are displayed across the whole city.

Vegas has a handful of big and known museums, similar to any other regular museums but, the city also has a rather large number of unique museums that are often missing from the radar of many visitors.

The Mob Museum
This museum is like none other. What makes it special and representative is the fact that it showcases a significant part of the city’s history since Vegas for many years was controlled by different groups of mobsters. Some of them were there from as far back as the beginning, back when the first casinos were getting built on The Strip.

The Mob Museum is a three-story museum, each floor showcasing a different time period, the key mobs from that time, and some fascinating stories.

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art
Probably many of you are familiar with Bellagio since the casino resort got showcased in quite a handful of movies contributing to the quick widespread of its brand. The casino is huge, hosting on its premise over 2300 slots, some of them very similar to the free slots that you can find online.

Built under the Bellagio brand, and located inside the Bellagio Hotel, people can find the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. The gallery is hosting frequent themed exhibition showcasing some of the best art pieces from around the world. In the past, they had exhibitions such as “Picasso: Creatures and Creativity,” and “Fabergé Revealed” bringing art in vacation to Vegas, making it available for more people to admire it.

The Neon Museum
Another place representative for the Vegas culture and its past is The Neon Museum, a Boneyard that is showcasing a large number of neon signs, over 200 in total, giving a new functionality to Vegas relics that date as back as the 1930s.

This is the perfect place to take a look at the neon signs of the past, and reflect on what Vegas used to be by admiring the history of resorts such as Sahara, Golden Nugget, and the popular Stardust that was an inspiration for the movie Casino from 1995.

The New Palms Casino Resort
This casino resort doesn’t only own one of the biggest hotel suites in the world but, it is also the host of one of the biggest and most beautiful art displays from Vegas.

After the renovation of the casino, a huge collection of blue-chip works and contemporary street art were carefully placed across the whole resort. Masterpieces by artists such as Richard Prince, Andy Warhol, and Damien Hirst can be seen in most areas of the resort, making the casino a museum on its own.

Pinball Hall of Fame
A significant part of American culture is the arcade games that used to be popular amongst people of all ages before the invention and rise of the internet. An important part of these games were the pinball ones that people can barely play in real life anymore. The Pinball Hall of Fame is surely a unique place, hosting over 200 machines, being the biggest collection in the world of such games.

Vegas it’s a unique place filled with colors, art and neon lights at every step. The city has a solid number of established museums but, often the best places to visit are the smaller and less known ones that have a large number of gorgeous art pieces and stories representative for Vegas, and the Vegas lifestyle.