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Travel and Education: how to combine It?

Travel and Education: how to combine It?

Many people are under the impression that traveling is something they can put on hold until later in life when they finish their studies.

While some students choose to travel during the summer holiday, some take advantage of their gap year after graduating. A lot of students consider travel an excellent form of education. There is a way that a student can combine travel and education in this day and age.

Consider what is known as the Open University
When people are told about the Open University, something made popular in the UK, the USA and Canada, they think it is a way for them to study on the side while working full time. This is not the case as it is a remote way of studying.

One can study no matter where they are in the world as long as there is a good internet connection. While this might sound like a good idea on the surface, one needs to have a good internet connection for it to work.

Also, before the course begins, books and other study materials are sent to one’s physical address. These are things to keep in mind if you choose the Open University as a study option to combine education and travel.

Try to Pick a Course that requires you to Study Abroad
If you are one that likes to study and travel at the same time, you need to enroll in a university that has study abroad programs.

If you are studying foreign languages, most colleges will usually give students the option to study at one of their campuses in other countries if they have any.

Courses like tourism may require some sort of traveling abroad to gain some much-needed experience in other countries to learn the culture.

Student Exchange Programs or ERASMUS
Many European countries, especially the ones found in the EU (European Union) have a program that allows some of their students to study in other European countries.

It is known as the ERASMUS program and a student from any of the EU countries can do a 3-month internship in another EU country.

Whatever qualification they gain when the program is over, will be recognized across the EU as well as other top universities in the world.

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Pick a College or University that is Abroad
There are so many benefits that come with choosing to study abroad in another country. One of the benefits is, of course, access to cheaper courses. Courses in countries like the UK and the USA are very expensive for some students especially those that come from poor countries.

The Netherlands, for example, offers EU students a massive discount and can study for as little as 2000 euros. Many of the courses in the Netherlands are taught in English and that is way better than paying £10,000 for a similar course in the UK.

Enroll in the Private Language School
Chinese, Spanish and French are three of the most spoken languages in the world. The majority of countries in South America speak Spanish while French is spoken in North African countries as well as a few European countries like Belgium.

Countries like China, Spain, and France have so many private language schools one can enroll to learn the local language. Even countries like Japan and Germany are also getting into the act where they will offer overseas students a chance to learn Japanese and German respectively.

Even though these schools are private, the qualification you get will be recognized across the world. You can apply for jobs in other countries. For example, if you have a qualification in Spanish obtained in Spain, you can apply for a job in Spanish speaking countries like Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and more.

Private schools do charge a premium when it comes to their fees however, the quality of learning you get is much better when compared to other schools in a particular country. If you are struggling to find something to do while on your gap year, you can enroll in a private school and learn a new language.

Buy Language Audio Courses
The last way one can combine travel and education is to simply look for audio courses online. There are so many websites out there that allow you to buy a language course of your choice.  The internet has made it very easy for many countries to sell audio courses to people across the world.

You can buy these and listen to them on your computer via headphones while you travel. The length of the course depends on the website or organization however, using audio to combine education and travel provides flexibility and you can learn at your own pace.