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Top Tourist Destinations in Barcelona

Top Tourist Destinations in Barcelona

Barcelona is among the world’s most famous tourist destinations, and this is because the city has almost everything that you would desire as a holidaymaker. The city’s destinations attract millions of visitors each year. The city has a great culture and history and you will leave with a memorable experience. Among the numerous tourist attractions and destinations that are available for you, here is a list of some of the ones that you cannot afford to miss out on.

1. Sagrada Família
The La Sagrada Familia is undoubtedly the most famous tourist destination in Barcelona, and it attracts about 3 million tourists every year. The construction of this architectural masterpiece began in 1882, and continues till this day. This has therefore made it the biggest unfinished Catholic Church in present time. Antoni Gaudi who is a prominent figure in this city, took over as the architect of the La Sagrada Familia in 1883, and continued to work on this piece until his death in 1926.

The building is almost complete and has always had 18 towers which have varying heights. Each tower represents a different biblical figure. When you visit you will be captivated by the design elements, as well as the religious symbolism engrained into all the nooks of this church

2. Casa Batlló
Casa Batllo is one of the most famous buildings from the architect Antoni Gaudi. It is a mixture of colors, styles, as well as building materials. There is a huge onion-shaped dome which might remind you of a mosque; numerous sculptures, and a colorful wavy roofline fitted with tiles. It is sometimes called the house of bones because it has many jaws, on one of the sculptures. It would be a very interesting place to live in, and you should definitely visit this architectural masterpiece.

3. The Camp Nou experience
This will be a perfect destination for you if you are a sports fan. Like the other attractions, it is one of the most popular destinations. This stadium is home to the formidable F.C Barcelona, who are European football champions. The stadium can hold 99,000 people making it the largest sporting arena in Europe.

Touring the grounds will be worthwhile, and you might just be lucky enough to watch a match.

4. La Pedrera
Built between 1906 and 1910, La Pedrera is also known as Casa Mila. This is the last civil work that was designed by the great Antoni Gaudi. It is a colorful building that is considered to be one of Gaudi’s most enticing and eccentric architectural creations. Surprisingly, it lacks a single straight edge in its interior. You can also get tours of La Pedrera’s interior and amazing roof structure. Like other Gaudi’s masterpieces, Casa Mila hosts a wide exposition of his work.

5. Ciutadella Park
The Ciutadella Park, fondly known as the Parc de la Ciutadella has a history of pain. However it currently bears happiness for many of its visitors. Built by forced labor on the order of Philip V, it is the largest citadel in Europe. However, over many centuries, it has been transformed into a peaceful major oasis in Barcelona. The park is home to a zoo, Museum of Natural Science, small lake, and a sculpture that honors the Catalans killed during the First World War.

6. Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas also known as La Rambla is perhaps the most popular street in Barcelona. It is called Las Ramblas, the reason being it is a collection of several streets that all posses a distinct feel. It is off Plaza Catalinya and leads to the beach and port. You will come across many bars, restaurants, street performance and finally, the magical Boqueria Market.
These are among the numerous tourist attractions that you can visit while in Barcelona. If you are still contemplating on your next vacation, definitely consider Barcelona.