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Top European Cruise Destinations This Year

Is this year the year of the cruise for you and your loved ones? If so, you’re in luck; you can now expect more than your typical cruise destinations around the world, but look forward to some new and very exciting ones too.

This article highlights some of the latest cruise offers now available around Europe during the first half of this year. It also seeks to inform on which ones are the most popular and more importantly, why they are so popular! Make sure you have a gander before making a decision on where to set sail.

Italy, Spain, Morocco & Portugal – January
If you’re looking for a getaway, book tickets for a cruise departing from Savona, Italy. Among the local sights not to be missed in Savona, make sure you pop into Christopher Columbus’ house. The next day, you will arrive in Barcelona, Spain, a glorious and bustling metropolis of art, striking architecture and nightlife that needs no introduction.

After a few days of cruising on the high seas, you will arrive in Cadiz in southern Spain, where you can expect to enjoy the sights of limestone cliffs. You’ll then make your way to Casablanca in Morocco next, where you can visit the Great Mosque.

The cruise goes on to take you to Tangier, before heading for Lisbon in Portugal, Valencia in Spain, Civitavecchia in Italy and then finally back to Savona.

Italy and France – March
If you’re looking for a quick, in-and-out trip that gets the job done in a day, look no farther than this one. Ideal for those who are too busy to spend weeks on a cruise, this one-day affair begins in Genoa, where there is much to enjoy, before setting sail for France. Take in the stunning local palaces, the rolling hills and the beautifully preserved historical city centre.

After a day of cruising, you will arrive in Marseille, the historical port city that has inspired many an artist. There is much culture to enjoy here too, with its numerous museums and theatres.

Greece, Turkey, Croatia – May
After you explore the beautiful streets and canals of Venice, you will arrive the next day in Bari, the second largest city in southern Italy, with its gorgeous rural landscapes. You will then sail onwards to the small port of Katakolon, followed by Izmir in Turkey.

After a day in Izmir and another day in Istanbul, you’ll sail to Dubrovnik in Croatia, where you will recognise the influence of Venice on the local culture as well as natural surroundings, before heading back to Venice itself.