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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Uganda This Summer

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Uganda This Summer

Uganda experiences a tropical climate with relatively stable temperatures throughout the year. The absence of distinct winter and summer seasons in Uganda can be attributed to its proximity to the equator and other geographical factors.

The equator passes through the southern part of Uganda, resulting in a relatively consistent amount of sunlight throughout the year. Areas near the equator receive nearly equal amounts of sunlight throughout the year, which leads to less variation in temperature between seasons.

Instead of distinct winter and summer seasons, Uganda typically experiences two wet seasons and two dry seasons. The wet seasons occur from March to May and from September to November, while the dry seasons are from December to February and June to August. These seasonal variations primarily affect the amount of rainfall rather than temperature.

Going on a Uganda Safari this summer is a unique experience. You will have a summer experience garnished with a few rain showers. One of the dry seasons in Uganda coincides with the summer holiday time for countries on other continents making it very important to consider the following reason to why you should visit Uganda during your summer holiday.

The “Pearl of Africa” is a remarkable safari destination offering off the beaten paths African wilderness and jungle experiences. Here are the 5 reasons to visit Uganda this summer;

Go Mountain Gorilla Trekking
Gorilla trekking is Uganda’s flagship holiday activity but it is sometimes affected by rain. Thanks to the reduced chances of rains during the months of June to September.  Although not totally inevitable, the forest trails in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are drier, less muddy, and/or slippery between June and September.

However, there are a number of challenges associated with mountain gorilla trekking during summer (June to September) that includes higher demand for the gorilla trekking permits.  Prices on accommodation and flights also often go higher during the summer holiday time. It is often recommended to book early in order to find early booking discounts.

Additionally, reduced rains mean the mountain gorillas tend to move more. This means gorilla treks will likely take longer during your summer holiday time than in the wet months.

Unmatched wildlife viewing experiences
Summer (June to September) is undeniably the perfect hit for game drives in Uganda’s national parks and game reserves. During these months, the dry season draw thirsty wild animals to the few remaining watering points thus offering the most unbeaten wildlife viewing experiences. In addition to that the dry season makes spotting the animals in the wild easier since the grasses are usually shorter if compared with the rainy season.

Get your camera ready to capture the big game including large mammals that are sought after during African safaris. Some of the most popular animals to see in Uganda include lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, giraffes, Cape buffaloes, zebras, and antelopes etc. These are commonly spotted roaming through the grasses or around the watering points. During this time, you can find herds of wildlife in the Ishasha swamp and the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Game Park, the banks of river Nile in the Murchison Falls National Park, Narus Valley in the Kidepo National Park as well as other savanna parks.

Favorable Hiking Terrains
Low rainfall means you will experience drier, less muddy, and less slippery mountain slopes for climbing. If you have undertaken a mountaineering trip in Uganda (Rwenzori Mountains, Mount Elgon, and the Karamoja sub-region) before, then you will agree that summer is generally the best time trek Ugandan mountains.

The months of June to September offer more pleasant and stable weather conditions, in addition to allowing the climber to avoid extremely cold temperatures, muddy and slippery trails, as well as the risk of hypothermia.

Beautiful Beaches and Islands
The best time to explore Uganda’s pristine lakeside beaches and picturesque islands is during summer. These months provide the ideal warm weather for sunbathing, swimming, sunset boat cruises, snorkeling, and whitewater rafting.

The beach life in Uganda coincides with Uganda’s nightlife. At the beach, you get a feel of what inspires Uganda’s nightlife. That is drinks and music. However, there is another side of Uganda beach life at Ssese Islands which is quieter than the usual music clattered beach environment in Uganda.

Connecting to different Islands is also easier during these months if you are using a small boat. For anyone on holiday, you can enjoy relaxing in places such as Bugala island, an upcoming hotspot for leisurely retreats in Uganda.

Perfect for road Trips
If you plan to undertake a road trip in Uganda, then summer is the ideal time because the majority of safari destinations are in remote areas, which still have unpaved roads. These become muddy and literally impassable during wet months and therefore a stress-free road trip can be achieved during the summer months (June to September).

With more travelers embracing road trips in Uganda, you can easily traverse the different tourism circuits with ease during summer. For those who would like to take the off beaten path, the less visited places include Kidepo valley national park, Pian Upe Game Reserve, Matheniko, Bokora, Semuliki National Park, Katonga Wildlife Reserve among others.  These destinations are more accessible during the dry season which also coincides with summer holidays.

All in all, there is so much more to do in Uganda this summer! From great outdoors like camping to world-class experiences like gorilla trekking, you will have lots of unforgettable adventures in the pearl of Africa!