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Top 5 most common claims for travel insurance

Top 5 most common claims for travel insurance

Travel insurance is designed to back you up while you are travelling. Whether you break your leg and need to claim for medical expenses, or you lose your luggage and need to make a claim for all your lost items, travel insurance can offer you the cover you need in times of need. So, what are the most common travel insurance claims?

Travelling overseas without travel insurance is really not a good idea. While some countries have reciprocal healthcare, many don’t – leaving you to cover the cost of any medical treatment you might need. If you need some antibiotics, it probably wouldn’t be too expensive. If it’s a broken leg or something more serious, how would you pay for that?

If you are travelling in the US and have no travel insurance, a broken leg could cost you as much as $70,000. If you need an operation and a hospital stay, those medical bills could reach into the hundreds of thousands. Then there is medical evacuation and repatriation. These are all things that you think won’t happen to you – but they might. Travel insurance can cover you if they do.

Lost Luggage
Another common claim is lost, damaged or stolen luggage. If you have no travel insurance, this could mean you are out of pocket by hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. If you have travel insurance, on the other hand, you could make a claim for the items that were lost or stolen. Some insurers even allow you to claim for delayed luggage.

Travel Delay and Cancellation
Your flight gets delayed or cancelled – it’s a common occurrence. But what would happen if you have booked accommodation, tours, activities or onward travel, that you miss because of that delayed or cancelled flight? Having no travel insurance means you will just have to suck it up. With travel insurance, you could make a claim to cover your losses. Insurers can also cover expenses incurred as you wait for your delayed plane.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Items
Perhaps you have a camera that gets stolen, a phone that goes missing, or a laptop that gets damaged. Without travel insurance, you may have to cover the cost of fixing or replacing those items. If you have travel insurance, your insurer could cover those costs. However, when it comes to valuable items, check with your insurer whether they are covered, and if they need to be insured individually. You may also need a police report to make a claim.

Lost or Stolen Money
Losing money or credit cards – or having them stolen – is a nightmare when travelling. Those with travel insurance can usually claim for these losses, but they may have to get a police report to make a claim. If you lose your credit cards while travelling, it can also be worthwhile contacting your credit card provider to see what they can offer.

Avoiding trouble while travelling
While it’s not possible to avoid all possible problems while travelling, it is possible to cut down on risk. Keep an eye on all your belongings, valuable items, travel documents, cash and credit cards. Be careful who you trust, don’t flash around cash or fancy jewellery, and lock valuables in the hotel safe if possible.

Unfortunately, bad things can happen while travelling, even if you do all you can to minimise risk. This is why you need travel insurance. In order to find the best travel insurance, compare travel insurance options, read the terms and conditions, and find a policy that works for you.