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TOP 4 most unusual countries for tourism in 2023

Every time we plan our vacation, we ask a logical question – where would we go this time and not be disappointed? Some prefer not to experiment with traveling to the same countries and even rest in the same hotels or guest houses. But there are “researchers” for whom every day off work is an opportunity to see and taste something new.

In the second case, there is a time limit, or more precisely, a season. Not every country can comfortably relax in summer or winter. In this article, we will tell you what unusual places on the planet can be visited depending on the time of year.

You can purchase a ready-made tour, or you can book flights and go on a trip yourself! And in that case, if you are already an experienced traveler, use our tips – and it can be a great idea for a business in the upcoming year! Create your website, register a domain and help people realize their most cherished travel dreams! So let’s start!

Winter in Tanzania
If it seems to you that there is nothing unexplored left of the warm exotic places where you can go in winter – think of Tanzania. It is here that the famous Mount Kilimanjaro is located, and the animal and plant world is amazing in its diversity.

Lakes, craters, and national parks with buffaloes, rhinos, wildebeest, hippos, and elephants are just a small part of the local wonders. In Tanzania (which is often called the “Garden of God”) there are more than 350 species of plants and more than 40 types of orchids.

Another distinctive feature and value of Tanzania are the local stones. Tourmalines, sapphires, garnets, emeralds, and rubies, and the most important jewel is tanzanite. This mineral is named after the country because it is mined exclusively here.

Spring in Japan
Japan is a land of the rising sun and age-old traditions. A huge number of historical monuments and natural attractions – a small area combines the diversity of natural and man-made worlds.

National parks, protected water areas, thermal springs, sacred sites, centuries-old temples, and a variety of wildlife. There is an island with a huge number of rabbits, a village with beautiful wild forests, and densely populated bustling cities with capsule hotels and museums showing the latest scientific developments.
But perhaps the most striking sight that tourists go to Japan for is the cherry blossom. From the last week of March until the May holidays, Japan (depending on the region) turns into a blooming pink carpet. It is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Summer in Iceland
Iceland is another travel trend for travelers – there you can feel like you are on another planet. An endless panorama of picturesque views in all directions, frozen lava underfoot on 90% of the country’s territory – all this will definitely take you to another world.

Hot geysers are combined with glaciers and colorful mountains here. Here you can swim in the famous Blue Lagoon with milky water and hide behind the waterfall falling from above. To see whales in the water, and on the shore – a scattering of ice crystals.

August is the warmest month to visit Iceland. It is in the summer months that you will be able to catch more sunlight, which will add colors to the local nature.

Autumn in Taiwan
The previous name of the island of Taiwan is “Formosa”, which means “beautiful”. You will see this for yourself, having arrived here once. Most of the plants that grow here are endemic, they can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Of the natural attractions in Taiwan, there are many beautiful rivers and lakes, tropical forests, and hot springs. At the same time, it is here that one of the famous examples of modern architecture is located – the Taipei skyscraper (the 5th tallest in the world). Local food adds spice to the Asian flavor. Whatever type of trip you choose, it can also become a gastronomic one. And the low food prices will please you.

The best time to travel to Taiwan is

from September to December. The air temperature is no longer so high, you can comfortably spend time both on the beach and sightseeing.

Trips to exotic countries are often not cheap, but lately many people have realized that life is too short to postpone their dreams for later. In the end, remember the words of the great Abraham Lincoln “And in the end, it is not the years in your life that count; it is the life in your years”!