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Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Christmas in Vienna

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Christmas in Vienna

The festive Christmas Period is an incredibly special one, and should enjoy to the maximum. Now, what better what to do it than a trip to Vienna! Vienna is the capital of Austria, and it is one of the most beautiful cities throughout the whole of Europe. It is steep in history, culture and architecture and this is highlight around Christmas time.

The city is full of stunning Imperial palaces, brilliant museums and has the famous Danube river. These are all utilized to make the Christmas in Vienna extremely memorable for both locals and tourists. Of course, snow is never guaranteed in this world, but what is promised is lots of fantastic food, drink, treats and events.

So, join the 1.8 million population, as well as tonnes of other tourists, and enjoy the time of festivity together with joy, love and happiness. Now, with all the things to do in Vienna it can be challenging to fit them all in within such a short period.

We suggest either planning ahead and making an organized schedule, or arrange transport so you can get to all of the destinations easily. You can choose to use public transportation or you can compare prices at Holiday Autos for a hire car. It is entirely up to you, but transport is a good option.

Anyway, there are many things to do, but here are 10 of our most favorite.

1) Visit a Christmas market
This is by far one of the most common things to do at this time of the year. Now, Vienna’s markets are particularly spectacular, and can really fill you with joy. You’ll be socialising with plenty of other friendly people; drinking, eating and enjoying yourself.

2) Have a mug of Weihnachtspunsch
Christmas comes when the weather is freezing, especially during the night time. Therefore, there is nothing better than sipping on a boiling hot mug of Weihnachtspunsch, also known as Christmas punch!

3) Have a photo at Belvedere
If you’re visiting Vienna at Christmas, you’ll want some great photos to remember your time there. There is no better place than Belvedere! The lake just in front of the Upper Belvedere Palace reflects all of the lights on the market and it looks gorgeous.

4) Admire the Christmas lights
Vienna comes to life at Christmas with a wealth of beautifully shining lights. Even during a late-night stroll, you’ll spot thousands of huge chandeliers full of crystals spread across the city. The majority are located on the Graben and Karntner Strasse.

5) Walk through the Rathaus park
Taking a walk through the Rathaus park is a great thing to do as it is full of lights and lit up trees. Plus, you’ll be able to walk from the Rathaus park to the most popular market in Vienna – Christkindlmarkt – which is located just in front of the town hall.

6) Enjoy a lovely toffee apple
There are many stands around the different markets in Vienna, but one of our favourites is the toffee apples. Not only are they delicious and sweet, but they also represent a special occasion.

7) Get something from a roast chestnut stand
Another superb treat to enjoy during the Christmas period is roast chestnuts. There are plenty of stands dotted around, and many also sell roasted potato snacks as well.

8) Head to St. Peter’s Church
Christmas is also associated with religion. So, many memorable events take place in churches. One of the most tremendous is St. Peter’s Church which hosts nativity scenes.

9) Get a fried sausage
As you can tell, many of the best things to do in Vienna at Christmas is to eat good food. Tuck into a tasty Bratwurst or Kasekrainer, as they just cannot be beaten!

10)   Absorb the festivity with an advent concert
Experience a lovely array of choir songs or advent concerts at venues such as Minoritenkirche, Stephansdom or Peterskirche. These can only be capitalized on during the Christmas period, so make sure you don’t miss out!