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Top 10 Exciting Activities You Can Do in Barbados

Top 10 Exciting Activities You Can Do in Barbados

If you think of the Caribbean and imagine crystal-clear waters and long stretches of sand beaches, you are probably thinking of Barbados. With its colorful history, architectural travesties of colonial bridges, and statues of Nelson; it is no wonder that many people have been drawn to its beauty. Add this to the fact that all-inclusive luxury villa rentals in Barbados can be found in the best spots, and you know you have a piece of paradise waiting for you there.

10 Activities You Can Do in Barbados

So, what are the exciting things you can do in Barbados? Here are some activities you ought to try:

1. Go on a family cruise aboard a Catamaran.

Give your family a treat of a lifetime as you sail from Bridgetown, a UNESCO-certified site, towards the western coast of Barbados. You’ll love swimming with the sea turtles plus a picnic lunch surrounded by waves and snorkeling to ship wrecks covered by corals.
2. Discover Bridgetown.

If you are up for revisiting the past, a trip to Bridgetown is a must. Here, you will get to see statues of Nelson and other grand colonial figures, plus some gorgeous neo-Gothic buildings. This awe-inspiring sight will surely leave you speechless and soaked in the Bajan atmosphere.

3. Be awed by the Jacobean facades of St. Nicholas Abbey.

Being one of only three heritage sites of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, this elegant Jacobean facade dates back to the 1600s. You will really relish the museum site as you trot your way to its restored rooms and the panoramic views of the east coast’s cliffs near the Cherry Tree Hill.

4. Hug the Fattest tree in the Caribbean.

You can find baobab, the largest tree in Barbados, in the heart of Bridgestone in the gorgeous lawns of Queen’s Park. With its colossal trunk, it needs at least 15 arm-stretched adults to cover the circumference of the main branch.

5. Trek the Barbados Boardwalk.

If you want to enjoy a walk or a jog by the sea, you will really appreciate the boardwalk; which is a link of almost two kilometers of beachfront around the southern coast of the island. Being the first of its kind in the Caribbean, the stretch also features rum shacks and bars along the way.

6. Experience the rite of passage at Oistins Fish Fry.

For first timers in Barbados, it has been a veritable rite of passage to try the sizzling barbeques of swordfish and marlin and other seafood in Oistins. Couple this with the lively party and the fusion of local and travelers all smiling – and it’s simply going to be a blast for everyone.

7. Taste fine rum at the Mount Gay Distillery.

If you want to have a taste of the island’s most popular brand export (Mount Gay) and know more about the island’s 300 years of rum production, this is the place to be. With the inexpensive tours present, the experience will be memorable and fun.

8. Visit the ruins of Farley Hill.

This national park is a glimpse of the island’s long colonial history. With the eerie feeling it brings and the panoramic lookouts, a visit to this location is both refreshing and informational at the same time.

9. Take the morning experience at the Bliss Café.

Try out the most acclaimed breakfast dishes on the island in this café. Be it sweet waffles, panini sandwiches, veggie omelets, and toasts, this will surely help you get ready for the day’s activities.

10. Cherish the Barbados Concorde Experience.

Beeline to a small hangar on the edge of Barbados’s Grantley International Airport to see the world’s first supersonic commercial flier, the Concorde. It also pays to experience the exhibitions of technologies used by these jets.