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Tips for a luxury trip to the Scottish highlands

Tips for a luxury trip to the Scottish highlands

Scottish Highlands is an excellent place that you could have chosen for your luxurious vacation away from home. Scotland scores very well when it comes to beautiful places that one could visit in Europe. There is just so much to offer, starting from the history and culture that is present in the Scottish Highlands to the natural, rugged beauty of the place. It would be pretty fair to state that it is a trip you would wholeheartedly appreciate. And now, you can even book luxury lodges Scotland to ensure you have a luxurious and enjoyable stay.

To make the most of your planned Scottish vacation, you must follow the below-listed tips to the letter. Doing so will ensure that you do not have to compromise your comfort during your luxury stay in Scottish Highlands.

Hire a professional trip planner
Now, the first and most important tip of the lot that you must follow for your luxury trip to Scottish Highlights is hiring a professional trip planner for the task. Scottish Highlands can be a treacherous place, even for folks that have been living there for quite some time now. Not only would you have to find the perfect accommodation for your stay, but you would also need to plan your itinerary – after all, you cannot afford to miss out on what this magnificent place has to offer.
Hiring a professional trip planner will ensure that you not only find the best home away from home but with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, like hot tubs. Your private trip planner will not only book your private luxury lodge but also ensure that you will not be in any discomfort during the trip.

Research on the trip beforehand
Scottish Highlands does sound like a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. And it seems true when one sees the offering this place has. But it is also relatively easy for one to be overwhelmed due to the many available options - things to do, sites to see, and such. That is why it is vital that one do proper research on their planned trip before making any concrete decisions. You need to look for the accommodation, the dining places, and even the sites that you want to see, and then you can convey your wishes to the professional trip planner.

Hire a private chef
If you are at a private lodge, the last thing you would want is substandard food. And while fine dining sounds appealing, many tourists often prefer having at least breakfast at their lodge. Thankfully, it is an issue that can be easily remedied by hiring a local private chef. Now, if you have your very own personal family chef, then you can easily fly them with you on the trip. Alternatively, you can also arrange for a local private chef to be available at the lodge.

The latter is preferable as it would allow you to taste the local delicacies and experience the Scottish Highlands experience in full. You can also make a day out of sourcing your ingredients from the local market – it will certainly make for a fun experience. You can easily find self-catering facilities in luxury lodges near Aviemore.

Pack suitably
Now, if you have done proper research on the Scottish Highlands, then you already know that the weather around the place can be pretty unpredictable. But if you are expecting a sunny vacation, then you certainly are looking at the wrong place. In fact, continuous overcast conditions with the threat of rain would be the proper way one can explain the atmosphere.

However, one does not need to be alarmed as the weather in the Highlands is anything but dangerous. It has a rugged charm that invites visitors from far and wide. But you must prepare yourself for the unexpected rain, which is common here. Pack a couple of waterproof clothing and, most importantly, walking boots if you want to experience the beauty of Scotland.

You would also need to pack warm and cool clothing as the temperature quickly changes in the Highlands. We would advise you to have layers of clothing while packing for a trip to the Scottish Highlands.

A trip to the Scottish Highlands is an excellent idea, especially on a luxury holiday. It is a place that is cut away from the world, but not entirely. Just follow the above tips, and you will be in for an experience of your life.