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Three Of The Best Pieces Of Travel Tech For 2015

Three Of The Best Pieces Of Travel Tech For 2015

People say that travel broadens the mind and opens up new horizons that we never knew existed, and these days there are many pieces of tech that can enhance this experience and help you document it. Modern technology continuing to advance rapidly, which means in actual fact, that what was perhaps considered modern twelve months ago, may in fact now be well on the way to becoming obsolete. With more and more people owning smart devices such as smart phones or tablets, the ability to utilise modern technology pretty much anywhere in the world has never been greater than right now. Here we’ll be taking a look at three of the best pieces of travel tech for 2015, for wherever you decide to go this year.

GoPro cameras, and other similar action cameras, are absolutely fantastic for capturing your daredevil feats or more tranquil pursuits while travelling as they allow users to record everything from their own POV and then easily upload and share the footage. The devices are fully water proof and hard wearing, which means that tasks such as deep sea diving, skiing, or extreme sporting in general, will not put the device at risk. Better still, the GoPro is designed to be easy to use and unobtrusive during your activities, so you can focus on grasping the enjoyment of the moment.

A blog
Ok, perhaps a blog isn’t a conventional piece of tech gadgetry, in that you can’t physically carry it around with you, but even so, having your own blog that you can use to scribble down (or rather type) your thoughts is absolutely ideal. As with the other entries, blogging technology has progressed in recent years, hence its inclusion on the list. Companies like 1&1 now make it incredibly easy to create your own entire website for your blog, but one that is also very sophisticated, even if you’re not particularly computer savvy.
Sharing travel experiences, pictures and videos with friends, family, even the entire world if you want to, is a great way of simultaneously documenting your trip and keeping others in the loop. Think of your blog like an open diary, only more flexible and powerful.

A MacBook
Apple MacBooks are ideal for travelling, particularly the latest super-slim 12 inch model, because they’re so thin and so light, coming in at around 2.03 pounds (0.92kg) in weight. In 2015 there’s no reason to compromise on power and features for the sake of saving space in your suitcase. Whatever your reason for wanting to take a computer of some kind with you, whether it’s to stay connected with those back home or bring your work with you, bringing your MacBook can be both a practical and luxurious option simultaneously.
So there we have it, three of the best pieces of travel tech for the keen travellers amongst you. If you’re looking for ways of staying in touch with the real world, whilst documenting your experiences as you go, these items are a great start.