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The luckiest people in the world

The luckiest people in the world

You’ve probably heard good things about a variety of nations around the world, including beautiful ones, wealthy ones, happy ones, and so on. Every country has something special and is stunning in its own way. But is it possible to use objective criteria when determining who are the most fortunate? We’ve tried to objectively determine who the luckiest people in the world are by evaluating the things like health, wealth, and employment possibilities, among others.

As per the study, major aspects, which are evaluated in the search for the luckiest nation, are:

1.    Career opportunities
2.      Liberty of the people
3.    Safety and health
4.     Financial prosperity of the nation

On the basis of these four aspects, the nations are ranked based on luck:

·      Switzerland
Everyone knows Switzerland as the land of chocolate, and chocolate is indeed the country’s top export revenue source, but do you know these other intriguing facts about the country? There are currently more coffee shops than banks in the nation, and it boasts over 1,500 lakes. In Switzerland, becoming a teacher is one of the highest-paying jobs. The average yearly pay for a Swiss teacher was AUD 91,000 as in 2014.

·      Iceland
It was found that the pandemic had a significant influence on how people think about their life, and Iceland came in second in the new global ranking of population happiness. In terms of total scoring, Iceland holds around 91 percent in which the major contribution is liberty to the citizens of Iceland and freedom along with life satisfaction. Career opportunities almost contribute the same as freedom and life satisfaction.

·      Norway
The third-luckiest country in the world, Norway, has some fascinating statistics. Norway is home to a large population of people. They were chosen as the group least likely to be impacted by climate change. As a bonus, Norway is a very wealthy nation. It has also been dubbed as the world’s most tranquil country and best location to live. If we look for career opportunities, the people in Norway are the luckiest as compared to any other nation.

·      Luxembourg
In terms of ranking, it holds the fourth position and when the overall score is observed it has 89 percent. The country’s major key to being one of the luckiest nations is due to the various job opportunities and liberty and life satisfaction, in both terms, it holds fourth position. If we are talking about income and financial wellness, it holds the fifth position with a score of 68 percent.

·      Australia
Australia is well-known for kangaroos and beer. However, did you realize that Australia is essentially a flat country? More than 200 languages are spoken across the country’s enormous territory. Nearly 7 million square kilometers, or 91%, of Australia’s land surface, is covered with vegetation. Melbourne, Australia, is home to the world’s biggest Greek community outside of Athens, Greece.

Australians make up one of the world’s most urbanized coastal populations, with more than 80% of the people living within 100 kilometers of the shore. In terms of finance, the country holds the second position for the people.