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Sponsored Content: Here’s Why It Works For Travel Marketers

Sponsored Content: Here’s Why It Works For Travel Marketers

If you want to have a successful travel business (or, any business for that matter), you have to advertise, right? That’s a must that falls right in line with providing your audience with great customer service.

But new technologies are making advertising more and more difficult. People have been trained to ignore the traditional advertising models like banner ads or direct mail – bypassing the push-message approach that goes along with them. In addition to those approaches, television DVRs allow potential customers to simply fast-forward through commercials, and video and radio services allow people to avoid your advertisements altogether.

So how are your consumers dodging ads on the web? Well, all it takes is a simple installation of pop-up blocker and your ads are gone, not to even be seen by your audience. If some of your budget is spent there and you’ve purchased a CPM model, you might be blind to the fact that a good portion of your audience won’t see your ad.

So how can you effectively reach your customers without using these approaches?

The answer is simple. If you can’t beat them, join them.

How do you join them?

Interrupting is OUT, pulling your audience in by providing value is IN. The word “interruption” creates a negative tone, so it’s really no surprise that over time a method to reach an audience by interrupting them would be ignored and even blocked all together. So instead of trying to find new ways to drum up messages that interrupt, why not try engaging your audience in a meaningful way?

Sponsored content allows you to insert your brand’s story or message into the mediums your customers are already enjoying. The best part? If it’s done correctly, it won’t feel like an ad at all – just another piece of content. Here’s one example of what that looks like.

Well-written and captivating articles that inform or entertain are paired with your brand message to give readers something they actually want to research instead of wanting to avoid. This is a great way to build relationships with your audience because this type of content gives them some kind of value or information they can use. For instance, if you have a travel brand you’d like to promote (a destination, attraction, airline, hotel, etc.), find that unique angle your audience absolutely needs to know about. A piece of content that’s captivating will motivate them to read about your product/destination and click on links to discover more.

So how do you learn more about establishing a successful sponsored content campaign?

The first step is to connect with an experienced sponsored content provider. For instance, at DreamPlanGo, we partner with clients to ensure their content is well written and provides value to the reader. Informative and attention-grabbing videos and photos work to increase awareness, website visits and engagement with their brand. We have a suite of solutions, from different article marketing styles focused on specific KPIs to email marketing and social media promotion, all designed to attract the reader instead of pushing your exposure to them. This type of advertising seems to work way better than anxiously waiting for someone to click on a banner ad.