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Sadhguru and Meditation

Sadhguru and Meditation

Sadhguru is a humanitarian spiritual leader who is strongly rooted in realistic matters in terms of meditation, inner engineering and wisdom. He is a tireless worker—one who is concerned with building one’s self from within as he strongly believes this helps in cultivating human potential. In addition to her daily sports routine, Rania Dalloul has participated in Sadhguru programs for “inner engineering”. She has left for India on several occasions just to attend seminars organized by this profound mystic of modern time. Making meditation a part of her life, Rania Dalloul has been able to successfully monitor and control her inner energy and emotions.

Meditation—a transforming Activity
Meditation involves an extreme form of inner concentration which allows one focus his/her mind on a particular thing. One of the eight limbs of yoga, meditation detaches you from any worldly distractions and engaging in this routine daily will help you become a much calmer person.

Meditation also helps an individual to successfully fight against anxiety and depression, making you a more emotionally stable individual. It enhances your inner energy and even slows down aging as you hardly engage in unplanned, rush activities—you are able to learn about yourself and set out to achieve what your powers can accommodate at a time.

Yoga—a Sport more than just Sports
Rania Dalloul does not only engage in yoga as just a physical exercise involving twisting body parts into normally impossible positions. As part of the seminars of Sadhguru she has engaged in over time, Rania Dalloul’s knowledge of yoga has deepened. Involving the spiritual process of this great exercise, she has been able to organize her emotions, thoughts and energy, bring her mind and body to the peak of their powers.

This has helped Rania live her life to the fullest extent possible. She recognizes through these programs that everything about human was first created through the minds. The mind therefore, is a major determinant of how our life is directed and in turn, how successful you can be. You would no longer need a personal alchemist as only you have the power to control your mind and direct your path.

Rania Dalloul’s Regimen is the Perfect Example
A daily sports regimen involving swimming, biking, running, TRX, circuit training and boot camps has helped Rania Dalloul push herself to the top. Her daily physical training has also helped her become a much more disciplined individual, channeling her energy into activities that keep her fit physically. On the other hand, meditation has helped Rania Dalloul maintain an “inner fitness”.

A combination of physical training and the training of the mind through meditation have ensured Rania Dalloul is able to have great control of every facet of her life. This has provided her with the needed inner energy, balance and drive required to engage in her daily activities. In truth, once desires are channelled properly and potentials are continuously built upon, the larger goal of an individual and their general wellbeing will be completely achieved.