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Q&A essay writing trip by professional

Q&A essay writing trip by professional

Essay writing experience can be confusing and challenging. It is important to have someone who can answer your questions if you want to feel more confident about your writing skills. We decided to start a project that will help you resolve your essay writing problems and interviewed some of the top writers at our company to make it happen.

Jeremy Simmons, an academic writer with 6 years of experience, is going to share his professional knowledge to answer some of the most common questions that could be stopping you from writing an amazing essay.

How to cope with overthinking and stress before starting an essay?
Be mindful of your feelings and the things that are causing them. There is nothing scary about writing an essay or using So you need to ask yourself what it is that intimidates you in writing an essay, causes you to feel stressed, and overthink. Finding answers to these questions will help you see the root of the problem and work out a plan to battle it.

If you overthink and feel stressed it is possible that you are just afraid of failure and want everything to be perfect. That is rather a wrong approach here, you need to embrace mistakes and failures as they will help you grow and become a better student. Just try to be ok with the fact that your essay might not turn out to be perfect, but do the best that you can with your current skills and knowledge.  Change the way you see fear and consider it as an indicator of new opportunities, aspects where you can grow as a person and as a future professional

How to focus on writing an essay?
The most important thing would be to discipline yourself and to remove all distractions. Procrastination might be the very thing killing your productivity, along with all of the social media channels and fear of missing out where instead of writing your essays you just check all of your accounts several times per day, even if there is nothing new in there.

Turn off your social media notifications and put your phone on mute. Nothing global is going to happen in the few hours that you devote to essay writing so be sure that you will not be missing anything important. And even if you will, you will have enough time to catch up later on, when you are done with all of your assignments.

Learn how to discipline yourself and set little daily goals you need to reach. Like to write an essay or to finish some online course. When you learn discipline, you will also become much better at time management and will submit all of your papers and assignments on time.

How to structure an essay?
The basic essay structure is rather simple, there are only three main components you need to include in each of your essays, no matter the type of your paper:
1. Introduction. You need to make it clear what your essay is going to be about, what questions you are going to raise in it. Finish your introduction with a thesis statement, which usually takes 1-2 sentences, depending on the volume of your paper. In that thesis statement, you need to make an arguable claim that communicates your position in regards to the topic of your essay.
2. Main body. This is the biggest part of the essay, it usually takes several passages to several pages and elaborates on the claims you make in your thesis statement. Additionally, it is crucial to provide viable evidence from scholarly sources to prove that your claims are correct and have a right to exist.
3. Conclusion. Same as the introduction, it only takes 10% of the total essay content. Your task here is to mention the main findings of your essay and summarize the topic. There is no need to mention any new facts or data here as this is the very last part of the essay.

How to write a thesis statement for an essay?
It’s very important to give your thesis statement due consideration and attention since it often acts as an indicator of the quality of your paper, which means it will give your professor either a positive or a negative feeling about your paper.

In the thesis statement, you need to provide your opinion and make an arguable claim, something that is not common knowledge and can be questioned. You should never write something like “Ice is cold” here since that is common knowledge, a scientifically proved fact that cannot be questioned. When your thesis statement is arguable, there is a point in doing research to support it.

Apart from the claim, the thesis statement also needs to answer the question “Why”. Why do you claim this or that to be the truth? Here you need to provide some evidence from scholarly sources, which you will elaborate on in the main body of your essay later on. Remember to keep it short and up to the point, there is no need to mention something irrelevant here or in any other part of your essay for that matter.

What are some things that can be done better when writing an essay?
When you are done with writing your essay, there are several questions you should ask yourself to see what can be improved. For example, See if you used enough examples and evidence from scholarly articles to support your claims. Additionally, see if you made enough references to relevant theory and mention some information you worked with during your classes. You should also check the readability of the essay and its structure. Is it easy to comprehend? Is it easy to see between the different parts of the paper? Is everything properly formatted and referenced? The latter is really important for getting a good grade because if you make mistakes in your references or even worse - skip them - your paper will be seen as plagiarized and you will get a very low grade for it, best-case scenario.