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Proto brings holograms to cruise market at Seatrade 2022

Proto brings holograms to cruise market at Seatrade 2022

Today Proto announced a strategic partnership to distribute, design and integrate its award-winning hologram devices for the cruise industry. Proto has been “beaming” executives, athletes and artists all over the world for fully interactive, meaningful experiences and is in huge demand in sports, hospitality, entertainment and retail. Seatrade Cruise Global 2022 marks the first time Proto’s devices have been presented, optimized for Cruise industry use.

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The Proto Epic is a life-sized unit that allows anyone or anything to beam in from anywhere in real time. The Proto M is a portable, sleek display that offers all the amazing features of the Epic in a portable, tabletop form. The team will work with cruise lines to develop new and exciting experiences for their passengers based on Proto’s hologram devices and software.

The technology has appeared recently on the Today Show, the Ellen Show and BBC Click. It was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in March and made news when P. Diddy joined 57 active and retired athletes from the NFL, NBA, WNBA and MLB as investors in Proto.

Premiering in Miami
The team will be premiering the technology at the upcoming Seatrade Cruise Global 2022 taking place in Miami from April 26-28. Attendees will be able to witness the launch of Proto’s Holoportation technology that is destined to revolutionize the way we all communicate and interact


For the cruise industry specifically, the technology can enhance the way passengers are entertained, informed, and educated during a cruise. The versatility of the Epic is unmatched. It is on hidden wheels and can be moved easily around the ship by one person to different venues at different times of the day to create a variety of experiences for passengers. The M is perfect for in-cabin use. Both units work in any light, and allow the person beaming in to see and hear their audience on the ship.

The team of Blackburn International, HMC and Octopus Design Studio believes that the adoption of new technologies in the cruise industry will play a significant role in the industry’s recovery and future growth.

Rex Stull, CEO of HMC says “There is a certain expectation from passengers as people become more technology savvy. They have greater expectations of technology-driven experiences.”

These are just a few examples of how Proto technology will change the way people experience a cruise:

Entertainment – A-List celebrities can beam in for a live, interactive performance; kids can see and interact with their favorite entertainers or even animated characters; Storybook readings for children in the kid’s club, etc.

Edutainment - Guest Lecturers from around the world can speak on relevant topics; famous authors can do book readings; directors or actors can speak about a film that is being screened; Famous athletes can discuss their challenges and triumphs.

Food & Beverage – Showcase various restaurant promotions, chef demos, see what featured meals and drinks look like; craft cocktail demonstrations.

Fitness – Showcase various spa and wellness promotions; fitness and meditation instruction by fitness experts from around the world; motivational presentations by industry leaders; nutrition guidance.

Concierge Services – The Proto M can be placed in a cabin or suite and provide personalized concierge services to guests assisting with room service, laundry, directions, reservations, shore excursion bookings, etc.

As Brian Paiva, CEO & Creative Director for Octopus Design Studio observes “I believe that as technology evolves, it will continue to shape and improve the cruise experience. Proto’s groundbreaking hologram technologies provide our team with a virtually unlimited platform to create new and unique experiences for the cruise industry.”

There is also a green aspect to the technology. As Proto ‘s holoportation technology allows people to be beamed from anywhere to anywhere, there is a tremendous savings that can be realized by the cruise lines from avoiding all of the automobile and aircraft carbon emissions related to travel getting entertainers and others to and from ships all over the world. An entertainer can even appear on more than one ship at once – with the ability to interact with each audience.

“We can book a variety of entertainers that can be based anywhere in the world, beam them onto a ship for a memorable performance and then they beam out without creating any carbon emissions related to automobile, train and airline travel. It is truly a win-win solution.” Said Jonathan Blackburn, CEO of Blackburn International.

Visit us now at Seatrade Cruise Global Booth #3200.