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Private aviation: Wingly celebrates its 7th anniversary

Private aviation: Wingly celebrates its 7th anniversary

Most people, when they travel, use a major airline to get from point A to point B. Today, planes are used like taxis, for many business people around the world. But there is another way to fly, which is to make it the main objective of the travel plan. Wingly understood people would enjoy sharing the passion of private plane Private Aviation: Wingly celebrates its 7th Anniversary

Here is a closer look at their success with travelers worldwide.

Sightseeing from the Air
To fully understand the power of a sightseeing flight, let’s take a look at an example that everyone can understand. Let’s say that you are driving on a road, and pass in front of an estate. What you can see, beyond the gates and through the trees, will get your imagination going, trying to imagine all the beauty of the place. Now, let’s say you come back from a different road later, which is at a higher altitude. From that viewpoint, you will be able to admire the full glory of the estate. Now, imagine if you were inside an airplane…

What you discover from the air, is completely different than when you visit a sight. On the ground, you will be able to be attentive to all the details that it possesses. However, you will never be able to place it in a larger context. Architects have the capacity to project their bird-eye view on paper, when they build houses, farms, industrial sites, and all other types of buildings. They envision it inside the environment, where it is meant to be erected. But for us, in order to fully comprehend them, we need to hop on a plane and see it from a higher perspective. That is what Wingly understood, when they opened a platform on which people can book a sightseeing flight, in many countries around the world.

Simplify Transportation from one City to Another
There are other reasons why Wingly is the solution, many people turn to, when they go on short distance trips. Sometimes, the best way to get to your destination is through the air, and you don’t necessarily know it. It is not because you don’t find a commercial flight, leaving from your city to the destination you are looking to reach, that the flight doesn’t exist. Those who use Wingly often, know that, and call upon pilots that run different routes, to get where they are going.

The reasons why people travel through the use of private planes vary greatly. Sometimes, they want to discover a region that is lesser known, or simply harder to reach by using a car. If a train or a bus doesn’t serve the area, then private aviation is often the best solution. Others are looking to reach a lake for a fishing or a hunting trip. And sometimes, they only want to spend the day in another city. But whatever the reason is, they know they can find a pilot to get them there, through the Wingly platform. That is why the company is such a success and is celebrating its 7th anniversary.