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New Housing, Dining, Nightlife and More in Downtown LA

New Housing, Dining, Nightlife and More in Downtown LA

From the early 2000s, Downtown LA has witnessed a quick revitalization after the adaptive reuse ordinance was passed which made it simpler for developers to convert and construct new spaces. In the year 2007, more growth spurring amendments were made to zoning rules of the area and now Downtown represents one of the quickest growing neighbourhoods of LA.

The inclusions like the Ace Hotel and the Broad Museum have given a complete makeover to the area as a recently hip destination for adventurous tourists and locals. Now, a perfect mix of industrial sprawl, ancient landmarks, tourist locations, a rising arts district, state of the art eateries and upscale boutiques depict this lively urban hub, making it an ideal location for both work and enjoyment.

The Neighbours:
Irrespective of the geographical expanse of the downtown, it is one of the lowest populated places in LA. An eclectic group is attracted to the amazing artist lofts and upscale apartments in this area.

What can you expect:
In the daytime, downtown functions as a busiest hub of LA’s commercial heart. During the night, it is the hotspot for drinking and eating. The streets are decked with swanky rooftop bars with picturesque city views and famous restaurants such Bestia and Baco Mercat.

The Lifestyle:
The place offers a perfectly balanced mix of work and play. People from all over the city come to enjoy, eat, drink and dance here. It is decked with several restaurants, bars and clubs. However, there is a division of high-end and local settings, but you have nightlife to suit every person. Daytime tourist attractions involve neighbourhood’s myriad of landmarks and museums.

Unexpected appeal:
Irrespective of its rise of the recent advancement, Downtown LA has a strong history of its own. A lot of landmarks till date remain unchanged like the famous French dip restaurant Philippe the Original, The Art Deco Union Station, recently restored Clifton’s Cafeteria and Bradbury Building.

The real estate market
It has a number of urban lofts, condo complexes as well as luxury apartments. Downtown LA older buildings have residential loft space on the storefronts, while the off late growth has led to the growth of recently developed apartment buildings and modern condos.

Just fall in love with:
The amazing variant nature of downtown living will definitely make you fall in love with the place. In one day, you can visit the sporting event at the Staples Center, praise the Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall architecture, walk pass the fashion and jewelry districts, enjoy the Latino culture on Olvera Street and pay a visit to the modern art collection at the recently opened Broad Museum.

Dining and Drinking
Globally famous as one of the best culinary locations of the world, Downtown LA houses a perfect blend of new and inventive restaurants and tried and tested food standards. There is something for every food palate and preference. Right from casual street food to formal dining, you can never go hungry when you are in Downtown LA. Check out the extensive menu of amazing destinations and plan an incredible dining experience for the day or night. Some of the famous restaurants include Art District Brewing Company, Border Grill, Bottega Louie, Corporation Food Hall, Faith & Flower, Grand Central Market, Le Grand, Little Llama Peruvian Tacos, Perch and many more.

If you are up for an exciting night on the town, then DTLA has everything right from top notch cocktail lounges to old school beer halls to high-status clubs to scenester rooftop amazing view bars. No matter what place you choose to spend your night, you will certainly have a night to remember.

All you need to do is grab your gang and head to the night time hotspots of Downtown LA. Either go sophisticated or loose and play it fast, there is no restriction. Some of the places to enjoy your nightlife are 18 Social Lounge, Library Bar, Seven Grand, V DTLA, The Edison and Spire 73.

Real Estate:
Downtown LA is the heart and brain of the city. It is the base of city’s fiscal, entertainment and service industry. It has become a major location for young professionals in their 20s and 30’s. The neighbourhood is the center of their professional, leisure and artistic life. You see a lot of potential investment opportunities here in the form of condos and apartments. The rent has significantly risen here. If you are looking for an investment opportunity here, then remember people spend on the location, they pay the price to reside in a heart of the urban landscape. Such investments never depreciate.

The LA housing forecast can be summarized in one word: costly. The prices of the LA real estate market have risen significantly since the start of the year. Though the price of housing has increased all over United States real estate market, but Los Angeles real estate marks a high. Economists forecast that the costs of investment properties in LA will continue to rise. So, those looking forward to invest in properties can easily grab this opportunity here. Investing in the neighbourhoods of LA will ensure that you have a regular flow of rental income.

If you are looking forward to discover new residential buildings in Downtown LA, then you can check out the published rental listings and property listings. Some of the best places to check out residential buildings in DTLA are 888 at Grand Hope Park, Aven, Circa, Museum Tower, Trademark, Park Fifth and more.

If you want to explore more about this destination, then DTLA is your one stop solution. Look out for your options to explore, live, do business here with a bird’s eye view. The Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID) is a coalition of around 2000 property owners in the DTLA who work together to build and maintain a secure and production community for people, tourists and businesses. Check out the website to know more in detail about the place and explore all the possibilities.