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International Travel Tips for an Unpredictable Political Environment

International Travel Tips for an Unpredictable Political Environment

No matter how experienced you are as a world traveler, changing political landscapes can alter your plans far more than changes in physical landscapes. The world as an object doesn’t change much day to day. But the people who govern it and create its laws change all the time. Lately, the new American Presidential administration headed by Donald J. Trump has changed the way people travel to and from the United States. If you have a plane to catch to some distant land during the next few months, you are likely wondering what new changes will be instituted between now and then.

Nobody can predict the future, but you can prepare for it. There are certain travel preparations which will be of service to you no matter what new travel laws come into being over the next few months and years. Focus on these, and you’ll be a better traveler regardless of the political environment of the day.

First, you should how to get in contact with important people and institutions. You should have some EnjoyPrepaid phone cards purchased and ready before you get on the plane to your ultimate destination. These will serve to get you on the line with people important to you, just in case your smartphone doesn’t work or is lost for some reason. Make a study of all the places and ways that you could use the internet to send email communications. Memorize the number of your home nation’s embassy, and know where it is located in relation to your lodgings. Make sure you have multiple ways to contact these people or entities before you leave. Should one fail, you will have other options to get in touch.

Second, travel as lightly as possible. The new ban on electronics makes it necessary to check anything larger than a cell phone, though some people are unwilling to check delicate or valuable goods. In a case like this, you may be forced to mail your electronics, thoroughly packaged and insured, ahead of time. Because you never know what conditions you will encounter in foreign customs and security, it is best to have as little on your person as possible, other than ID and Passport, of course.

Speaking of Passports, it is best to have both forms in your ownership: the card and the booklet. You never want to be stuck in a foreign country after having your passport lost or stolen. You can choose to have one form at home, or you can carry both with you while you travel, stored in two separate, equally secure locations.

There are many more ways to prepare for the worst given international political upheaval. Hopefully, you will not have to deal with anything too inconvenient or unpleasant. Should the worst befall you, these tips will help you get out comfortably, without ruining your trip. We hope that your upcoming travels are enjoyable and educational. Whatever happens in the world politically speaking, international travel is worth doing whenever you possibly can.