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Interested in Visiting Italy? Here Are a Few Essential Travel Tips for Foodies

Are you interested in visiting Italy? It can be an amazing experience, but it also might be a bit strange for those who have never stepped foot in Italy. However, there are plenty of sights and sounds (and tastes) to experience, so be prepared for an amazing journey!

That said, it’s never a bad thing to make prior preparations, especially as Italy might have a few unique aspects about visiting that might feel a little alien for first-time visitors. So here are a few essential travel tips for those interested in visiting Italy.

First off, using an online planner can be extremely helpful if it’s your first time travelling
As with most trips abroad, it always helps to have another layer of planning to help you get a feel of the location. You’ll need information about the places you can stay and how you intend to move around. There’s also the potential issue of travelling during peak season when prices might be slightly higher than usual, and there’s a bit of crowding. An Italy Trip Planner is undoubtedly one of the best ways to organise a trip around the scenic country. Don’t forget to double (and triple) check your travel documents.

Now that we’ve gotten the online planner out of the way, it’s time to learn about the quirks of travelling in Italy.

Italy’s food schedule
If you want to make the most of your trip, let’s learn about Italy’s food schedule and get your stomach up to the routine. First off, breakfast typically involves coffee (which is more like espresso) and some pastries, which are usually served at bars. Lunch starts at noon and ends around 3 PM, and aperitivo—which is the pre-meal drink that opens you up for dinner, starts at 5 PM and ends at 7 PM. Dinner is typically served after 7 PM, and restaurants start to fill with people around 8:30-9 PM.

Getting used to Italy’s food schedule is a good idea, as you can more easily enjoy the country’s food culture.

Speaking of food culture, your food will depend on the area
While Italian restaurants have a habit of mixing everything in establishments around the globe, Italians can be very particular about their food. Some of your favourites might only be available in some areas, which means it’s a good idea to go on a culinary trip all over Italy. You’ll get to eat unique dishes depending on the area, offering a different experience everywhere you go.

Lastly, don’t special order food items in Italy
Last but certainly not least, the type of pasta for each recipe depends on the sauce, and special ordering something outside the norm is generally frowned upon. Italy can be very particular about how they present their food, as digestion is taken seriously.

Italy is often seen as a foodie’s paradise primarily due to the fact that they have the gastronomy down to an exact science. If you want to fully enjoy yourself, take note of the best-practice methods above and try to get used to the food schedule as soon as you can.