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How to Finance a World Cruise in Retirement

How to Finance a World Cruise in Retirement

Release Some Cash and Enjoy the Retirement of Your Dreams
Today’s pensioners have greater freedom of choice than ever before when it comes to funding a better retirement.

Take a look at the daily newspapers or the TV news and it might look like doom and gloom for pensioners in the 21st century. Pension funds are in crisis, the state pension does not provide enough to live on and people are working later into life than we have ever seen.

However, if you are approaching retirement, rest assured that it is not all bad news. The 2015 pension reforms have actually given pensioners more choice than ever before when it comes to managing their investments, meaning that you can unlock your pension and spend or reinvest your hard-earned money in whatever way works best for you.

This level of flexibility is something that past generations could only dream of, and for a growing number of pensioners it means the opportunity to reinvest a portion of their pension pots into higher-yield alternatives, such as the property market.

They also have the freedom to cash in another portion to fulfil a life-long dream. Suddenly, that world cruise that so many people talk about as the perfect retirement holiday can become a real possibility.

Cruising the Seas
There are more cruise operators around than you might think, and a luxury world cruise might be more affordable than you thought. In fact, some pensioners in the USA find it is as cost effective to retire permanently on a cruise ship, and retirements at sea are the latest craze.

While spending the rest of your days on the high seas might seem a little over the top, there is no doubt that a full World Cruise is one of the ultimate travel experiences.

There is a wide variety of providers, the most famous of which is Cunard. Their famous cruise ships, the Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Victoria set sail every January, and each takes a different path around the world, visiting 17-25 countries over the course of four months.

Even this, representing the very top end of world cruises, is not as expensive as you might think. Tickets start at just £13,800 (£115 per day) for an inside stateroom.

There are numerous other providers too, including household names like P&O. Perhaps the best value of all is the Columbus. Operated by Cruise and Maritime, it sets sail from Tilbury in January 2018 on a 121-night cruise, and tickets start at a mere £7,500.

Treat yourself
Even if you do not have the time or inclination to spend four months away, a cruise still makes a fantastic holiday or short break. So free up some cash from your pension pot and treat yourself.

From a four night tour of the Mediterranean to a two week fly/cruise adventure along the Amazon or the Nile, there is certain to be something to appeal to every taste and budget. And who knows, once you have got the bug, you might just decide that those American pensioners have got it right, and a life on the high seas is the life for you!