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Green zone travel - could this solve the covid-19 tourism problem?

Green zone travel - could this solve the covid-19 tourism problem?

Europe has been rocked by the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020 and, while the peak seems to have passed and lockdowns are softening, life will not return to normal for a while. While this means that it is likely that holidays are off the cards for this year, for those from the UK 2021 looks more realistic and there are a handful of smart ideas about how this might work.

Spain’s Travel Zones
A study from Spain has put forward a proposal which could allow people to travel sooner rather than later and, if it all goes according to plan, could be implement-ed in other places around Europe. This is for countries around the continent to plot dangerous regions for Covid-19 (red zones) and safe areas (green zones) to allow the mobility of people between these green zones while avoiding the dan-gerous areas.

The green zone travelling network certainly is an intelligent option and could help people to start moving around Europe sooner rather than later which could help to mitigate the gigantic economic losses as a result of halting international tour-ism. Of course, in order for this to work it will require close monitoring, but a handful of countries in Southern Europe are beginning to recover and discussing ways to open up their borders.

Italy Keen to Reopen
Italy is one country which will be desperate to reopen and get back to normality after Coronavirus bringing the usually busy tourism industry to a halt for nearly three months. The President of the Italian National Tourist Board has stated that tourism in the country will coincide with EU measures and is ready to sign bilat-eral treaties, but does not expect Italy to welcome visitors from Europe until July or August at the earliest.

While it may be a while before Italy is able to open up its borders to allow tourists to visit, it is easy to see many people flocking here when the time is right. Italy is a country of outstanding natural beauty along with boasting many of the most cultural, historic and fun cities in Europe and people will be desperate for a holi-day after having spent so long in lockdown.

While Europe is still reeling from the Coronavirus and certainly not out of the woods yet, there are signs of optimism and Southern Europe looks to be slowly recovering from the pandemic. Tourism could resume in the area in late summer thanks to the green zone travelling network, so it will be worth keeping an eye on the success of this so that holidays can be booked from the UK once it is safe to travel once again.