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Families of different tastes find vacation solution

Families of different tastes find vacation solution

Vacations as a family are hard to coordinate, even solely in terms of dates; getting everyone together for a week that all the relatives are available and willing to dedicate the time to each other is the first hurdle. The next hurdle is the budget, mainly because no one wants to spend a year saving for and looking forward to holidays that are not enjoyable.

As I see it, you have two options: a road trip where you stop off at all the sites each person wants to see in a given area (this could also be a trip with relatively inexpensive flights around Europe taking advantage of low-cost airlines and short routes). The second choice is simply choosing a hotel that caters to everyone’s needs and sticking to it.

The first option needs a little more planning, but a road trip in itself can be flexible and if you find somewhere you like there’s nothing stopping you adjusting the plan and spending more time in that location. The please-all hotel option is simpler but limits you more to day trips and returning to the hotel at night.

If you choose this latter option, the Finest Playa Mujeres all-inclusive family friendly resort could be a crowd-pleaser. At least this way, all the different food preferences, from all corners of the world are covered. The activities such as water sports, gyms, spas, music, and yoga classes should keep the majority happy.

The stretch of bay that Playa Mujeres covers with its nearby Mayan ruins, beaches, nature reserves, and Cancun’s nightlife, should provide enough entertainment for even the most diverse families.

Whichever kind of vacation you choose, keep these two simple tips in mind to make sure it’s truly fun for all:

1. It’s important to set realistic expectations for both you and your family.

Small children will not be able to last as long as teenagers without a rest or bathroom break (and neither will the adults usually!) Depending on traffic, the time it takes you to get to different stops on the trip or to anywhere you visit may take longer than you expect, especially if you travel during school breaks.

The same applies to day trips if you choose to stay in an all-inclusive. Consider the normal and national holiday traffic when planning, and choose your transport accordingly.

2. Don’t stress over the details

If you’re planning a trip for varying age-groups, the way you handle upsets will dictate the mood of the vacation more than the actual absence of upset. It’s almost inevitable that something unplanned will happen, but if you see it as a story to tell later rather than fussing over everyone being happy, the outcome will at least be less stressful for you as the organizer.