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Hotel Casa Hemingway is located in the quiet seaside town of Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic, just 45 minutes from the capital city of Santo Domingo and 20 minutes from Las Américas International Airport.

Opened in October 2016, their boutique hotel features fully furnished, one- and two-bedroom serviced apartment rooms, with elegant colonial accents and modern amenities. Guests at Hotel Casa Hemingway have full access to all of the   facilities and services of Club Hemingway, the exclusive community in which the hotel is located.

​From outdoor activities including swimming, soccer, horseback riding and tennis to fabulous dining, conference rooms and an on-site chapel, there is something here for everyone. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the hotel’s special partnership with two courses, both located within 10 minutes of the hotel.

BTN caught up with this award winning property to find out a little more as to why they are no stranger to winning awards.

BTN: Congratulations on winning the award for Dominican Republic’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2022 at the Caribbean and South America’s ceremony of the World Travel Awards. What does winning this award mean to you?


HCH: This award means a new milestone in the path we are all walking together here at boutique hotel Casa Hemingway. And thanks to our guests, we can celebrate a new edition knowing that our efforts to improve our services, ethics, and experience for our clients is having great results! This is a moment of celebration and introspection. We are doing this good this far, so let’s take it in for a moment and use it to go even further.

BTN: How do you intend to market your victory to your staff, management and more importantly your customers?

HCH: This is an award to wear with pride and humility at the same time. It is something we all won as a team by having each other’s back, responding to every situation with a smile, and keeping in mind that the wellbeing and enjoinment of every guest is equally important. Casa Hemingway’s team is another family, we spend hours together, working side by side, figuring out how to make things better, easier, and more memorable for our guests. Communication is key in this industry, and you never know where a great idea can come from. At Club Hemingway, we are all driven by excellence and the motivation to reach whatever goal we focus on.

BTN: The sector in which you won is highly competitive, what do you think makes your property stand out from the others, what are you offering that others aren’t?

HCH: Every hotel has its own essence and great team behind as we live in a country where locals treat everyone as family. Here the care is warm, familiar, and respectful. Casa Hemingway is a pronounced example of this. Here the team can be themselves to ensure we provide every visitor with a sneak peak of how our culture is.  Our guests are recurrent, they feel at home with us as the attention to detail is constant and the record of what our clients wanted in their last stay remains in each visit. Did you ask for extra pillows last time? You don’t need to mention it again, we got you! Because we care about you and we want you to enjoy yourself so much that you become an ambassador of our country and our culture. This is a family and Casa Hemingway is our guest’s second home.

BTN: Is the design of your property and its guest rooms a contributing factor as to why guests are returning, and you are winning plaudits from visitors?

HCH: We have a beautiful environment, surrounded by lush vegetation and a calmness perfect to unwind from the everyday life. Our hotel and suites are designed to deliver this relaxation, our guests get to enjoy the beautiful facilities and go back to their suites where everything is at the reach of their hands.  As Casa Hemingway is within the exclusive complex named Club Hemingway, Casa Hemingway’s guests enjoy a variety of services and amenities. Club Hemingway is almost 20 years and here you are attended by people who has seen the incredible development of this project over the course of the years. So yes, our property has impeccable facilities and criteria that are always our top priority, but what makes it even more special is our people.

BTN: What leisure services and amenities can you offer guests and is this something you are looking to develop?

HCH: Club Hemingway is constantly planning new ways to improve our services and facilities. So far, we’ve come to a place of pure wellbeing where everything is walking distance, designed for the comfort of all your family and with the most exquisite standards in the industry.

For example, we have five swimming pools distributed around Club Hemingway, two of them on the beach area with a striking infinity concept, perfect to enjoy the everchanging sky and sea in front of you.

As to our sports facilities, we offer tennis courts, tennis-paddle courts, soccer grass-field, two gyms, one of them overlooking the beach, an equestrian centre and much more! When you stay at Casa Hemingway, endless activities are presented in front of you, so every day you try something new or resume something you’ve been putting off for so long.

And for the foodies we have five restaurants which menus are designed by our Spanish chef Alberto Martín, whose career has over thirty years. A tour through our restaurants is a must! Having the best versions of your favourite plates and discovering new ones with the scenery of the beach in front of you is an experience to remember.

BTN: Your hotel prides itself on its gourmet offerings from the kitchen and dining areas. Again, are you seeing a trend for foodies that want to experience a luxury stay but with great food and chance to learn more about what they are preparing to eat, to become more involved in the complete dining experience?

HCH: A crucial part of traveling is to immerse yourself in the culture, so you get an understanding of what’s going on and how people navigate their everyday life. And food is no exception. The culinary experience doesn’t need to be the fanciest, even the most comforting recipes are extraordinary. It’s the flavours, colours, and rituals of being at the table in another country, eating what is typical what awakes all your senses. At Club Hemingway we acknowledge this, that is why you’ll find a variety of dishes prepared by Chef Alberto Martín and his team specially designed for your wonder and following a distinctive style: traditional plates with the special twist of our chef.

He is the perfect teacher for people who wants to know all the secrets to a breath-taking plate, would you like a private class with him? Let’s do it! Or do you rather have a multi-course dinner at El Embarcadero experiencing the delicacies, the views, and the perfect pairing with our wine selection? That sounds perfect too!

BTN:  I love the fact that your resort has its own wedding chapel, clearly you are catering to the growing wedding market, is this something that you wish to develop yet further; what are you currently able to offer potential brides and their parties?

HCH: We are committed to deliver a unique experience to each couple by understanding their likings, dreams, and style. There are no way two weddings are alike at Club Hemingway as we work with the best vendors in the country, professionals who understand our values along with the vision of every couple. Being part of the beginning of the matrimony of every couple is our honour, and so we work smart to keep being part of these magical and exceptional moments in their lives.

From bespoke menus by chef Alberto Martín, unparalleled venues for their reception and ceremony, to the privacy and intimacy this day deserves, we follow up every step and make sure you own this process as much as the actual wedding day because everything here is thought to be fun! Our events team aims for excellence by executing their tasks according to what our clients dream of as well as guiding them to where it is best.

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