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Diesenhaus in Israel upgrades its eCommerce platform with a new eTravel solution from LogNet Travel

Diesenhaus in Israel upgrades its eCommerce platform with a new eTravel solution from LogNet Travel

Diesenhaus, the leading travel company in Israel, has replaced its eCommerce platform with a new eTravel solution supplied by LogNet Travel.

Diesenhaus is one of the largest and most prominent travel agencies and tour operators in Israel. The company provides standard and customized travel packages for both domestic and international travel.

Diesenhaus was one of the first travel companies in Israel to establish an online presence and sell travel services over the Internet. After operating an internally developed web site for a number of years, Diesenhaus’ online capabilities eventually became out-of-date and difficult to operate.

LogNet Travel, a provider of eTravel solutions for travel agencies worldwide, recently deployed its eTravel solution for Diesenhaus. LogNet’s eTravel solution replaced Diesenhaus’ in-house web site and now serves as the travel agency’s main eCommerce platform.

“Our experience is a familiar story for many travel agencies,” commented Eyal Seluk, CEO at Diesenhaus. “Our work with LogNet has given us modern tools to support our online business growth and maintain our leading position in the travel and leisure industry here in Israel.”

LogNet’s eTravel solution has turned Diesenhaus’ online presence into a modern travel web site. The solution provides Disenhaus with state-of-the-art content management capabilities and an advanced promotion engine. Disenhaus is using the solution’s advanced product catalog to build customized travel packages and targeted promotions for “last minute travel”, seasonal activities, events, destinations, airlines or hotels.  The solution also includes a range of flexible marketing tools that enable Diesenhaus to design attractive landing pages, control SEO parameters, adjust prices dynamically, issue coupons and discounts, and more.

The new eTravel solution from LogNet has not only improved the appearance, navigation and workflow of Diesenhaus’ web site, but has also increased conversion rates and sales volumes. 

“The deployment of our eTravel solution for Diesenhaus can serve as a model to other travel agencies around the world looking to improve the performance of their web sites and meet their online business objectives,” explained Taly Eshel, CEO of LogNet Systems.

The eTravel solution from LogNet is SaaS-based. Travel agencies pay an upfront fee for building and deploying the solution and a monthly fee that covers maintenance and upgrades.

“Building and maintaining an internally developed travel web site is an expensive project for most travel agencies, especially keeping the technology and platform up-to-date with current Internet trends and changing customer requirements,” remarked Zohar Kantor, Vice President of Business Development at LogNet Travel. “Our eTravel solution allows travel agencies to expand their operations online quickly and at a fraction of the cost.”

Diesenhaus’ new eTravel solution is connected to the Sabre Global Distribution (GDS) network and uses the latest web services available, enabling seamless connectivity for information about hotels, low cost airlines and other local content to be uploaded to its web site. Diesenhaus is one of Sabre’s largest customers in Israel.