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Could land-based casinos become obsolete?

Could land-based casinos become obsolete?

It’s no secret that the online casino business has been booming over the last few years, with innovations in technology spawning countless casino sites and mobile apps. This fact, coupled with the onset of global catastrophes such as pandemics and rising fuel costs, is causing many people to wonder if land-based casinos may soon become a thing of the past. After all, why go through the hassle of travelling to a brick-and-mortar casino when you can have just as much fun without having to step outside your front door?

The lure of the welcome bonus
On the face of it, online casinos seem to have many advantages over their land-based cousins. Thanks to the incredible advancements in technology that have taken place over the last twenty years, online gamblers these days are greeted by a dizzying variety of slots and games. No land-based casino can compete with such a vast selection of entertainment.

Gamblers can also be attracted to online casinos by additional perks such as the no deposit casino bonus, which many online casinos use to attract new customers, along with other promotions. 

Other benefits of online casinos include their convenience and accessibility. All you need in order to visit a virtual casino is a computer or laptop, or even your mobile phone. Registration is quick and simple, and many online casinos now offer a variety of secure payment options ranging from PayPal to cryptocurrency.

Changing times
A quick glance at the global social and economic zeitgeist reveals further reasons for the apparent decline of brick-and-mortar casinos. After all, one of the biggest advantages of online casinos these days is how much safer and cheaper they can be. Not only can people avoid a potentially unhygienic environment by staying at home and gambling online, but they also have the option of trying out different games for free courtesy of slot game demos. With so many of us increasingly tightening our purse strings, having options such as demos and online casino welcome bonuses, as well as being able to stay away from big crowds, has prompted gamblers to turn online in their droves.

Live action entertainment
Staunch fans of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos may cite the atmosphere and excitement of playing real-life games as their main defence. However, even this experience can now be replicated online, with live streaming table games and video poker. Hosted by experienced real-life dealers, and created using high-quality technology that brings the game to life on people’s screens, these games provide the interactivity and excitement that may have previously led people to go to a land-based casino.

No longer relevant – or a source of irreplaceable nostalgia?
With so many apparent benefits to online casinos and their cutting-edge technology, at first glance, it seems unlikely that land-based casinos can weather the storm.

However, their demise is by no means inevitable or guaranteed. After all, cinemas still remain open and much-loved, despite popular streaming platforms. Books are still written, bought, and read by their thousands, despite the release of Kindle.

While land-based casinos may eventually dwindle, it’s highly likely that plenty of them will still remain open. Perhaps you will still find them running in a hundred years’ time, catering to gamblers who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way and enjoy the experience of playing in a real-life casino, surrounded by the noise and movement of other like-minded people.