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Cheap Holiday Ideas for Visiting Benidorm

Cheap Holiday Ideas for Visiting Benidorm

Benidorm is the most prominent tourist town in Costa Blanca. Here you can sunbathe on its beaches, take part in water sports, enjoy sumptuous meals, take part in festivities and enjoy its scenic attractions.

Benidorm is a great place to take your family and friends for a holiday.  What’s more, is you don’t have to spend a fortune. There are ways you can go for cheap holidays to Benidorm.

Here are cheap holiday ideas for visiting Benidorm.

Affordable accommodation
A lot of spending goes on accommodation when you are on holiday. The good news is you can spend less in Benidorm. The trick is to rent a villa or an apartment.

Assume you bring your family or friends, and you are 5. When you rent an apartment or villa, you can share the cost among the 5, and you will pay way less for each person.

For example, if the villa or apartment goes for £100 a day, if you divide by the five people, you will pay £20 for each person.

Other than the lower accommodation costs, you can get additional benefits when you rent a villa or an apartment. You can make your food and save on eating out.

It is just like you are at home, yet on holiday. Not to mention the privacy and luxury. You have private space which you are sharing with only your family or friends such as a private pool and outdoors.

These are benefits you may not find in other forms of accommodation.

Free fun festivities
You don’t have to spend money on entertainment. You can take advantage of the free fun festivities in the city such as the Fancy Dress Party in November or Pride Weeks in September.

Enjoy Nightlife Affordably
Benidorm has a fantastic nightlife, and you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy it. You can find street performers such as comedians, musicians, and magicians. Also, most eateries have live music, karaoke, and comedy nights.

Choose Cheaper Activities
There are plenty of activities in Benidorm, especially when you are at the beach. These range from jet skiing, windsurfing, snorkelling, to diving. Just take part in those activities that will cost much less. You don’t have to take that expensive luxury cruise.

The most attractive is the sandy beaches that stretch for 6km. You can visit Poniente, which is more suitable for families and Levante beach, which is preferred by the young.

Save On Tickets and Entrance Fees
The reason tourists love Benidorm is its many attraction sites, natural reserves, outdoor events, cultural events and music festivals.

For some of these places, you are required to pay entrance fees and to buy tickets. Luckily, the entrance fees to some of these places are low.

Besides, you can book in advance to benefit from early booking discounts.

Some of the places you can visit are the water and wildlife parks such as the Terra Natura and Terra Mitica.  You can enjoy the rapid rides and slides at the Aqualandia water park or watch penguins and dolphins at Mundomar which is a marine animal park nearby.

You can also take boat trips to islands and visit the parks and wildlife sanctuaries there.

Go For Affordable Meals
Benidorm attracts tourists from many parts of the world. As such, you can find different types of cuisines, from Chinese, Italian, English, Indian and Spain native foods.

To spend less on meals, you can opt for takeaways. These cost way less than you would incur if you ate at a 4-star or a 3-star hotel.

Even better, you can make your meals. You only need to buy the ingredients. Surprisingly, you can buy a weeks’ worth of groceries with the same amount you would have spent on one meal in a hotel. Unfortunately, you can only use this option if you are staying in an apartment, villa or accommodation where you are permitted to make your food.

Save On Transport
Do you want to save on transportation when you are moving within Benidorm? Use public transportation as it is efficient and inexpensive. The city has a well-connected public transportation system, and you can spend as low as £5 to get to where you want to go.

You may also hire a bike, which is also very cheap at £1.50 an hour.

If you want the convenience of private transport, you can hire a car weekly. This can cost about £300 a week, which is a better bargain than taking a taxi.

Cheaper flights
A bit of research on the internet can help you to land cheaper flight deals. Usually, you will find airlines giving discounts for early booking. So if you want to save on flight, book early and check other deals on the internet.