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Breaking Travel News investigates: Eastpak Tranverz small cabin bag

Breaking Travel News investigates: Eastpak Tranverz small cabin bag

Surprisingly competitive, the luggage sector.

Something we rarely think about, but also essential for virtually every trip, baggage is ever-present in travel.

While a number of brands dominate, one comes up time and again – Eastpak.

I’ve had an Eastpak backpack for nearly a decade now, and it is not even showing a single sign of wear and tear.

So, when offered an opportunity to review the Eastpak Tranverz small cabin bag, I jumped at the chance.

The smaller sized products are popular with passengers on low-cost carriers, designed as they are to adhere to the ever-changing luggage requirements.

It has a capacity of 42 litres, while it measures 52 centimetres from the floor the highest point – well within the requirements of all major airlines.

At 34 centimetres across, it also fits snuggly in the luggage compartment.

Most excitingly, the bag can be compressed to just 20 centimetres in depth, even when fully packed, to ensure you meet even the strictest of criteria.

The Eastpak Tranverz small cabin bag also splits into two sections – an often-overlooked bonus.

This middle section can be utilised to store a laptop or toiletries, for example,

Then when going through security and need to take these items out of your case, travellers can reach into this area by opening the main zips just at the top.

There is no need to fully open the case, lowering the blood-pressure of travellers behind you and making you look like the savvy passenger you are.

In addition, there is also a pouch in this middle section.

If you put your tickets and passports in there, then again you can gain easy access to this by just opening up the top of the case.

It is easy to see why the bag is so popular.

They go flat for storage, while they also squeeze into tight spaces more easily that a structured suitcase as the wheels mirror those of an inline skate.

The bag comes with a 30-year warranty (no proof of purchase necessary) and Eastpak will offer a repair service in the event something does happen.

What more could you want from this neglected, but essential, corner of the travel industry?

More Information

The Eastpak Tranverz is available from Casepoint.

First established in 2009 in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, the company offers a specialist luggage and bag facility on the high street – something that appeared to be missing from the marketplace.

As a locally owned family business their foremost goal is to provide a service that goes miles further, along with stocking ranges which are the best at their price-point and for their purpose.

In addition, their leading brands and expert knowledge have resulted in a growing number of delighted clients with business-to-business custom orders.

Their online presence has also risen recently, offering you the same commitment in helping to choose the right item for your needs.

All products on the website are in stock, unless otherwise stated, and ready to ship.