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Breaking Travel News interview: Nguyen Ba Luan, chief executive, Sojo Hotels

Breaking Travel News interview: Nguyen Ba Luan, chief executive, Sojo Hotels

Sojo Hotels has been honoured with the title of Asia’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand at the World Travel Awards.

Here Breaking Travel News speaks to Nguyen Ba Luan, chief executive of the company, to find out how it feels to have been recognised by voters from around the globe.

Breaking Travel News: Having claimed a top title at the World Travel Awards, how does it feel to have won?

Nguyen Ba Luan: For Vietnam’s travel and hospitality industry, Sojo Hotels sets a prime example of adaptation with its brand-new model of refreshing smart hotel since 2020.

By minimising physical contact between people and objects as well as direct contact between people, we do proactive changes by businesses to promptly adapt to the “new normal”.

Notwithstanding a new brand, we - Sojo have left our mark by building a new hotel concept that adapts promptly to changes in the market while making efforts to elevate the position of Vietnamese hospitality by having claimed a top title at the category Asia’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand 2021.


This award is a great motivation for us to continue pioneering the future of Vietnamese hospitality.

And we are especially proud to be the first representative of Vietnam to win this category since 2013 until now.

Sojo consider this award as the prestigious recognition of the community as well as travel’s experts.

BTN: How will the trophy help you to promote Sojo Hotels as we move into 2022?

NBL: Although there are encouraging signs for hoteliers, trading is still not anticipated to return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022.

However, we believe this will be an opportunity for innovation, adaption and waiting for the remarkable growth of hospitality industry in Vietnam.

And our Sojo brings a new concept of hospitality service – “the right hotel and the right taste” – to active global citizens who love new experiences.

Based on convenient and modern features, Sojo Hotels became the first Vietnamese winner in Asia’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand category by World Travel Awards.

We have the confidence that this award will make Sojo’s model to be more widely known in the tourism market not only in Vietnam but also in all over the world.

Strategically aiming to establish 100 refreshing smart hotels across the country, this award is considered as greatly support for Sojo Hotels to set new trends that will likely shape the future of Vietnam’s hotel market.

BTN: What is it that caught the eye of voters; what do you think it is that separates Sojo Hotels from its competitors in Asia?

NBL: Developed by TNH Hotels & Resorts, a member of TNG Holdings Vietnam, Sojo Hotels aims to become “the right hotel and the right taste” for our guests – a new generation of global citizens who are youthful, dynamic, and always looking for exciting things.

Sojo Hotels invested in JO247 lounge - an impressive open space that is the highlight of Sojo Hotels.

We call JO247 lounge as a multi-use space where guests can do all in one: working in melodious music, relax and chill with fusion cuisines.

With its contemporary design, JO247 will provide a civilized entertainment experience and a place to connect.

Each touch point of Sojo Hotels stems from our absolute understanding of what makes our guests satisfied.

Bringing a completely new accommodation experience, Sojo especially offers the initiative to choose services for guests, and it’s a necessity to providing a positive customer experience in the digital age.

In detail, self-service allows Sojo to provide online support to our guests without requiring any interaction with a Sojo representative.

Considered a revolution stemming from realistic market demand and lodging requirements during the “new normal” period, Sojo Hotels presents a brand-new customer-centric hotel model.

Guests staying at Sojo Hotels will get acquainted with the “touchless hotel” concept, with touchless experiences through the Sojo app system (guest mobile app).

With the Sojo app as control centre for all activities in their experiential journey, our guests can check-in/check-out at an automated kiosk with their Face ID (facial recognition) or easily adjust the light and room temperature to suit their preferences and mood.

They can thereby minimise physical contact, as well as avoid direct contact with a person.

By making the most of new technologies, Sojo Hotels has created a safe-haven that is refreshingly smart for our guests, especially against the Covid-19 backdrop.

In addition, we – Sojo are deploying technology to record and analyse guest behaviours to create new and exciting services that properly and fully meet their needs.

And after all, we believe in our refreshing smart hotel model of Sojo bring a complete recreational experience for guests that separates Sojo Hotels from its competitors in Asia.

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