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Breaking Travel News interview: Deepak Ohri, chief executive, lebua Hotels & Resorts

Breaking Travel News interview: Deepak Ohri, chief executive, lebua Hotels & Resorts

Having scooped a number of top titles at the World Travel Awards, Breaking Travel News here chats with Deepak Ohri, chief executive of lebua Hotels, about the prestigious trophies and what they mean to him

Breaking Travel News: Congratulations - Tower Club at lebua has been honoured with the title of Asia’s Leading Luxury All Suite Hotel at the World Travel Awards. How does it feel to have won?

Deepak Ohri: We feel very honoured, as always, and this win is first of all dedicated to all our customers who keep on coming to our hotel and second of all to all our employees who work dedicatedly to look after our customers. 

I can only say that I am proud, and I am lucky to be a part of this team and the relationship between the lebua team and the customers.

BTN: Sky Bar and Sirocco @ lebua at State was also honoured as Asia’s Leading Hotel Rooftop Restaurant & Bar, while Tower Club at lebua also took home trophies for Thailand’s Leading Hotel Suite, Thailand’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel and Thailand’s Leading Luxury All Suite Hotel. How useful are awards such as these when it comes to promoting the brand around the world?


DO: How useful are these awards? It is the same as asking how useful it is for an English Premium League team to win the title, it is exactly the same.

It is not important for the brand, it is a testament for doing the things right for almost a year and you getting the results after a year, and that is what it is.

We can promote the brand as such, but then having a testament from the customers and from the World Travel Awards that it is deserved by the hard work of all our employees.

It is what we are very proud of.

BTN: lebua has a long and successful relationship with the World Travel Awards, having been recognised a number of times in recent years. What is it that attracts voters and separates you from your competitors in the region?

DO: The question has the answer in itself.

The question is that people who follow the World Travel Awards is the people who stay with us and that is the reason we win with very popular votes.

It is based on the popularity, a vision, a mission and it is what you bring to the table, so it is not only important to get the award, but it is also important that we get associated with World Travel Awards.

The customers believe in World Travel Awards and these are the customers that come to stay with us.

BTN: How would you describe the mood in Thai tourism in late 2020? Is there a hope for a resurgence in the post Covid-19 world as we head into next year?

DO: Less said is better, because Thai tourism and Thai people have always bounced back, and they have proved that a number of times.

At the right time, the place will be Thailand.

We will see that we will be the leader in the world, for again having maximum number of tourism in a city.

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lebua Hotels & Resorts is a Bangkok-based hospitality group that takes a unique approach to the service sector.

The award-winning lodging collection includes Tower Club at lebua and lebua at State Tower in Bangkok, two magnificent properties in India (lebua Lucknow and lebua Corbett), and an exclusive property in New Zealand (Lake Okareka Lodge by lebua).

Find out more on the official website.