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Bordeaux region and its castles

Bordeaux region and its castles

Bordeaux is a port city on the Garrone River in the southwestern part of France. Bordeaux has a name inextricably linked to wine, the “wine” par excellence globally, whose production explains much of the wealth that this beautiful French city still enjoys today. All its monuments, therefore, are more or less linked to the wine trade:

Most know it because of its Gothic Cathedral Saint-Andre which is an 18th-century mansion. It is also famous for its notable art museums and public gardens along the curving river and the grand Place de Bourse on the Three Graces. It overlooks the Moroir d’Eau reflecting pool.

Bordeaux borders the Atlantic Ocean coast. It stands on the Gironde hillsides, and it is the world capital of wine. It is a central and strategic place for businesses and administration and even for military and space sectors.

Bordeaux is also an international tourist destination thanks to its ancient architecture and some other great things that it’s known for, like wine. It comes second after Paris as the city with the most number of monuments in France.

Bordeaux Wines
The city of Bordeaux is well known for its best wines and Champagne. The Romans introduced wine in Bordeaux in the first century. The main aim was to provide wine for local consumption, and since then, wine production in Bordeaux has been increasing to this date.

Slowly the popularity of the Bordeaux wine increased all across the world, starting with England. This was in the 12th century when the Bordeaux wine was exported to England. Bordeaux wine is made from a blend of grapes.

The Bordeaux wine region is divided into sub-regions. Bordeaux wines include Red Bordeaux, Red Cotes de Bordeaux, Red Libourne, Red Graves, Dry Wines, and sweet wines.

What to eat in Bordeaux?
Bordeaux is also a place to have the best kinds of foods accompanied by their sweet wine. This is what makes the city of Bordeaux to be loved and attracts a considerable number of tourists. For a person with an excellent taste for wines, this would be the best place to visit.

The local cuisine marries the ingredients of the French countryside with those of the river and the nearby Atlantic. Therefore, among the typical dishes, the lamproite à la bordelaise, a kind of eel from the Garonne, and the entrecote à la bordelaise stands out.

The caviar of the Gironde is famous throughout the world, and oysters from the Bassin d’Arcachonwho open every self-respecting Bordeaux lunch or dinner. Salmon, lobster, and scampi come from the Atlantic.

Without forgetting the foie gras, duck, local cured meats, mushrooms and truffles, and much more. Among the desserts, they deserve a prize traditional Macaron but above the channel (milk, vanilla, sugar, flour, caramel, calories!) And Bouchon (almond paste and raisins).

Bordeaux Castles
Bordeaux is known for some of its famous castles. Most of these castles date back to between the 18th and 19th centuries. They are some of the aspects that make the city one of the greatest in France. It is also considered one of the greatest cities in the world for tourism.

Some of the most beautiful castles in the city of Bordeaux are Cheteau Grand Cru, Villa Le Bassin, Cheteau Montstruce,  Cheteau Belles Vignes, Maison du Vins, just to mention a few.

The Maison de Vins is in a small town called Pichon. It used to be an ancient winemaking property before it was converted into a very luxurious and comfortable place.

It has everything that you require for the best and most relaxing moment of a lifetime. It is equipped with all kinds of luxurious things and also all leisure time activities.

Chateau Castelsagrat sits next to an ancient fortified village. The small village has been in existence from the 13th century up to date. The Chateau Castelsagrat provides a wide stunning and historical setting as it holds much history from the 18th century. The structure also has great architecture, which displays a lot about the history of the people of France.

Chateau Duras is one of the most beautiful castles in Bordeaux. It is only 3km away from the town of Duras. It is a quiet place with a serene environment that makes it suitable for you to enjoy your time. The castle provides the kind of facilities that are not available in most areas.

Chateau De Simon is a large castle situated in a 15-acre woodland filled with a wide variety of wildlife. The castle is from the 15th century and can only tell how much history is embedded. It is situated in a place where sports events like golf are commonly held.

The millhouse is one of the unique properties that you would ever come across. It is a magical place filled with ornamental gardens that make the place extremely beautiful. Due to its exquisite appearance, it was once voted one of the 25 best villas in Europe.

Chateau Montstruce is also among the beautiful castles of Bordeaux. It is located in a beautiful region called Entre-Deux-Mers.

From the castle’s upper floors, you can see the beautiful vineyard gardens with a vast stretch in the area. This would be the best place to visit for wine lovers that love wine tasting excursion.