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8 Must-Visit Attractions in Israel

8 Must-Visit Attractions in Israel

Are you planning a trip to Israel and are looking for ideas of the places that you should visit while there? Well, you are in for a fantastic time. Israel is a one-stop destination for everything religious. But more than that, it also boasts of beautiful beaches, landmarks, restaurants, landscapes, and ancient sites that are sure to give your life long memories.

It is a good thing you’re looking for inspiration before you even board Israeli flights – this will help you plan so that you can get the most out of your short stay. So, without further ado, here are eight must-visit attractions in Israel.

The Dead Sea
You cannot miss the Dead Sea for anything when in Israel – in addition to being in the world’s Lowest Point; the sea offers natural buoyancy that allows you to float. The sea has an extremely high salt concentration of 33.7% that makes it the saltiest water body known to humanity. While at the Dead Sea, don’t forget to indulge in a free mud bath for that perfect

Mountain Fortress of Masada
Masada sits on an isolated rock plateau, overlooking the Dead Sea. The best way to enjoy this mountain fortress is by experiencing sunrise over the Dead Sea while relaxing at the top.

The Old City of Jerusalem
Jerusalem Old City overflows with more culture, history, and spirituality than any other place worldwide. It is divided into four parts – Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Armenian. It’s also packed with Biblical sites like the Tower of David, Temple Mount, Last Supper room, and King David’s Tomb. The city is home to the Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Western (Wailing) Wall too. You can easily spend an entire day here because you’ll always have a corner to cover.

Haggle on the Carmel Market
This market at the heart of Tel Aviv gives you the chance to master your bargaining skills and experience the country intimately. You don’t need a tour guide here, just stroll past the stalls and watch how the vendors sell their goods.

Scuba or snorkel in the Red Sea
If you are into water activities and aquatic life, you shouldn’t miss Eilat. The place boasts of crystal clear waters, beautiful coral reef and stunning fish. Eilat enjoys excellent weather all year long, so have your scuba or snorkel ready.

Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem, located in the outskirts of Jerusalem, is a memorial to the 6 million Jewish Holocaust victims. It’s quite a sad but historically rich place to be in.

Ramon Crater
The Ramon Crater is the largest crater in the globe, extending 40km long and 2 to 10 km wide. You can have a perfect view of the almost heart-shaped crater from the Mitzpeh Ramon Visitor center.

Tel Aviv Beach
Tel Aviv is one of the most engaging and enthralling cities in the globe, and its sandy beaches provide a perfect spot to catch a sunset. Take advantage of your visit to Tel Aviv to explore the beautiful neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, visit Old Jaffa, spend time in charming Tel Aviv port, visit Tel Aviv Museum of Art or stroll the streets and view stunning Bauhaus buildings.