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8 Fantastic things to do in Houston, Texas

8 Fantastic things to do in Houston, Texas

Houston is a place to visit for breathtaking sites and heartwarming activities. So if you’re planning for a family trip to this large city or want to spend some days enjoying yourself, the city awaits. From discovering exotic animals, buying some pocket-friendly items, to eating Houston’s mouth-watering dishes, you won’t have any dull moments.

So, we’ll handpick the top things you don’t want to miss in Houston. Of course, there are many others as well, but the 8 below will blow your mind and perfect a memorable experience.

Things you must do in Houston

    1. Visit the Houston Water Wall

If you must ignore others, don’t leave Houston without visiting the great walls of water. This amazing wonder is unique, beautiful, and picture-compelling. You can take your kids to watch the gallons of cascading water down the high walls. This Water wall features an inner fountain and an outer fountain where 11,000 gallons of water flows down every minute. You can’t get tired of watching the movement of water. Moreover, 186 live oak trees make the surrounding very unique and enthralling.

    2. Visit the exotic animals.

Houston has a zoo housing up to 6000 plus animals. You can find all kinds of animals from all over the world. The zoo is at Herman Park, and visitors are even allowed to feed some of the less aggressive animals. There is also an aquarium to behold different marine animals such as dolphins, sea lions, etc. Moreover, you can take a detour to other amazing sights around the Houston zoo, such as the Japanese Garden, McGovern Lake, etc.

    3. Learn the hidden Histories of Houston

If you want to spend some time understanding Houston more, then visit the many museums in the city. Some of the popular ones include the “Museum of Fine Arts,” the “Holocaust Museum,” the “Houston Museum of Natural Science” and even the “Children Museum.” Each of these museums has unique items in different subjects. For instance, the Museum of Natural Science alone occupies 430,000 sq. feet filled with all kinds of natural & man-made objects. The best part is that almost all the museums are close to each other. Also, you can find some that don’t require payments from visitors, such as the “Contemporary Arts Museum.”

    4. Enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

If you don’t appreciate the enclosed spaces, Houston still has you covered. Once you reach the city, head over to Buffalo Bayou Park. This location is the best place to soak in the natural air of Houston. You can do many things, including kayaking, paddling in the Bayou, biking, or simply walking along the area with tour guides.  Several tours are usually organized for visitors who want to learn more about the park. You can even join the tour heading to the “Cistern,” an underground reservoir built-in 1926 to provide drinking water.

    5. Increase your Houston experience at the seaside.

Don’t leave Houston without enjoying the seaside at Galveston. All it takes is one hour drive out of the city to visit the legendary Houston beaches. You can soak in the sun, eat delicious dishes at the restaurants and visit the Pleasure Pier. After your seaside experience, take a detour to some Museums in the area for more amazing sights and discoveries.

    6. Don’t miss the Sports games.

There are many sporting activities and stadiums in Houston. So, if you love sports, then you’re about to discover them all. For instance, you can visit the “NRG Stadium” to watch your favorite Texans (NFL) playing. But if you love the Houston Rockets, find them at the “Toyota Center” Also, the “Minute Maid Park” is where you will find the Astros, and a visit to the “BBVA Compass Stadium” will gift you with a soccer match if you’re lucky. Both the Dash and Dynamo teams play matches there.

    7. Enjoy the delicious Houston Cuisines.

Don’t leave the city of Houston without eating the delicious foods from gourmet chefs. There are many cultures represented in any restaurant you visit. You can find Asian foods, Latin America, Mexican foods, and others in these places. Maybe you didn’t know, but there are 145 languages in this city, and each language has different cultures and special signature foods. So, don’t miss the offers. Some of the unique places for mouth-watering dishes include Xochi, One-Fifth Houston, Vibrant, etc.

    8. Enjoy an out-of-Earth experience.

Do you want to know more about Space? Have you been hearing about the activities of the engineers who explore Space but wish to experience their findings? Houston awaits you. The Houston Space center has all the information you need about the out-of-earth explorations. You can see many things such as the moon rock and touch it too. Also, some of those astronauts you watch on TV will be closer to you and even dine with you. So, don’t miss it.

Taking a trip to Houston can be memorable and exciting. The city has a lot of attractive places to explore and make your trip memorable. You can visit the zoo, explore the museums, enjoy the dishes, and dine with the astronauts, etc.  So, take your time and enjoy your trip.