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7 secrets you never knew about flying

7 secrets you never knew about flying

Flights have made traveling more comfortable and less time consuming at affordable rates. Today, almost every middle class family can travel through flight and cherish that journey. Who doesn’t feel the excitement of being 35,000 feet above the sea level, feeling blissful. An experience that people comfortably enjoy has many secrets to it as well.

Flying has some hidden parts to it that you certainly miss while you travel.  It’s similar to how you don’t know about the great deals on 2018 mobile slots games today - and if you know the rules, you could make the best use of it.

These secrets can be the cheat codes of traveling by air, answering many of your questions. For an even better flight journey, you need to crack these secrets which the staff obviously won’t share with passengers. Just for the sake of your convenience, knowing those secrets is a must. So here is a list of things you missed out about flying :

1) Carry your own “food” : Yes, traveling always creates a problem for food especially in the longer journeys. This is a misconception that you can’t carry your own snacks or pickles in the aircraft. Flight food is something that won’t suit your taste buds or will be costly. To avoid all that hassle, pack a bag of your favorite snacks and enjoy the journey to the fullest !
2) The dry Sahara air : Yes, the pressurized air in the aircraft is the reason why your hands and thread throat feel dry. It seems as if there is a lot of humidity. That exactly is the reason behind it : the air cabin is kept below bone dry 20% humidity. It’s almost equal to that of the Sahara Desert !
3) The life saving “hole” : Have you ever noticed that small hole in the window pane ? That’s the life saving hole for you to breathe properly. It balances the warm and cool atmosphere inside-out to avoid you feel extremely cold. Also, it manages the pressure that does not allow the inner pane to break immediately in any situation.
4) Tail being the safest : A study by Popular Mechanics says that the tail of the plane is the safest place during a crash. It increases that chances of your survival during the plane crash. Also, there are benefits of getting frequently attended by the attendants !
5) An emotional journey : Surveys say that people generally tend to feel more emotional while on flights. Either watching a movie or simply sitting, the emotions are fairly dominant throughout the journey. That’s the right time to confess your feelings if you want to ! Scientifically, the deceased oxygen causes mood swings and that’s very common.
6) No bathroom locks : Well, if you feel like locking yourself in the washroom for a smoke, it’s impossible. The locks simply keep the door intact but can be flipped open anytime. So, the flight attendants can bust in anytime and catch you ! Beware !
7) Water loss : The dry air causes 8 ounces of water loss per hour. Yes, if you calculate its almost equal to a 2litre bottle during a 10hour journey. Better stay hydrated while flying !
Keep these facts and secrets in mind to escape many things and also to stay safe. These things will definitely make your flight journey much more merrier !