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5 Things International Travelers Forget to Pack

5 Things International Travelers Forget to Pack

Have you ever taken a trip abroad, only to utter the infamous words, “Oh no, I forgot to pack…” soon after arriving at the destination hotel? If so, you are not alone. Many international vacationers do the same thing every year, even after spending long hours planning all the minute details of their long-awaited journeys. Of course, everyone has their own list of items they tend to fail to pack, but a few usual suspects tend to top the list of most frequently forgotten items.

Anyone who has ever gone overseas to get a bargain rate on a medical procedure knows the feeling of neglecting to bring along proof of travel insurance. Other common things travelers omit from their packing lists include clothing suitable for the local weather, prescription medications, laptops, an extra piece of luggage for toting souvenirs back home, cellphones, beauty supplies, favorite snacks, and more. However, there are five things that nearly everyone forgets at least once. They include the following items.

Proof of Medical Travel Insurance Coverage
It’s becoming very common for adults to invest in medical insurance policies that allow them to travel abroad for certain procedures. Unfortunately, some forget to bring important insurance documents with them on their journeys. However, the ideal workaround for that problem is to purchase specialist medical travel insurance for abroad that can be verified via an online account. Why do so many buy medical travel insurance policies for single-trip purposes? It’s primarily because the coverage is tailored for patients who seek elective surgery, dental procedures, cosmetic surgery, and fertility (IVF) treatments in other nations. An added advantage is that you can cover your fellow travelers on the same policy for one low price.

Weather Appropriate Clothing
Do a few minutes of online research before leaving to make sure that you have the right clothing for the climate of your destination city. Some of the most common things people forget to pack are winter coats, swimwear, scarves, gloves, snow boots, umbrellas, raincoats, ties, dress shoes, and belts. Use a detailed checklist system to avoid leaving essential clothing at home.

Prescription Medicine
If you take medication of any kind, put the items at the top of your travel checklist. Then, before boarding the plane, train, or cruise ship, look again to be certain that all your meds are safely packed away for the journey.

In the digital age, it’s becoming commonplace for almost everyone to bring along their phones, tablets, gaming consoles, laptops, and other electronic devices when they leave town on short or long trips. Unfortunately, these computerized gadgets are usually the ones that are inadvertently left at home, even though they are a necessary part of daily life for the vast majority of working adults. Make a tech checklist before you depart. That way, you’ll be more likely to bring every device you need.

Extra Luggage
It might seem insignificant to some vacationers, but the majority of them end up regretting that they didn’t bring at least one additional carry-on case to transport gifts back home. Space is a commodity for tourists, so don’t forget to stuff a collapsible duffel bag or another piece of soft luggage whenever you take an extended journey to a faraway destination.