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5 of the best books for travellers

5 of the best books for travellers

Travelling is great for gaining new experiences and meeting different people. However, a lot of travel time is often spent waiting, be it in an airport, on a long plane/train journey, or in a hotel room. Reading is something we don’t often make time for in our busy lives, but there is no better way to spend a long journey or trip abroad than by immersing ourselves in a new book. If you’re stuck for what to read, this article will give you five good travel books to enjoy on your next trip abroad.

1. ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’: A British classic from a humorous travel author
Written by the brilliant Douglas Adams, ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ is a timeless piece of British humor. The novel follows the bizarre adventures of Arthur Dent, who escapes Earth before it is obliterated by bureaucratic aliens and is forced to traverse the galaxy in his dressing gown. The novel is punctuated with hilarious excerpts from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a useful electronic book packed with helpful advice for surviving the trials of intergalactic hitchhiking. If you like a good laugh, this book is guaranteed to keep you chuckling even through the most stressful of times.

2.  ‘If on a Winters Night a Traveller’: One of the most interesting literary experiments put to paper
If you enjoy a challenging read that explores the boundaries of literature, then you’ll adore this hilarious, meta novel, by Italo Calvino. Simply put, to avoid spoilers, this novel focuses on the struggles of a man whose book is ruined by a printing error. This simple mistake leads him on a journey around the world and through numerous samples of other books, to find a satisfying conclusion.  I first read this book in one sitting on a 13-hour train journey, and strongly recommend it for anyone who has time to kill on a long journey. It’s immersive and witty narration, along with its intriguing premise, makes it the perfect book for travelers.

3. ‘The Odyssey’: An epic journey to join you on your own travels
One of the oldest books about traveling, ‘The Odyssey’ is an essential read for anyone planning to visit Greece, or any Lit students looking to combine work with relaxation. Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ recounts the tale of brave Odysseus and his quest to return home after the Trojan war. There are several translations, some more accessible than others, and you can even download a free PDF version from Project Gutenberg. ‘The Odyssey’ only gets more interesting the more you read around it and immerse yourself in the deep mythology and history surrounding this text. Many an essay and research paper has been written on Homer’s classic, all of which will help you better understand this classical epic poem. If you want to find some sample literature essays on ‘The Odyssey’, or other topics, you can find some at . There are numerous free essay examples out there that will help you get the most out of this ancient classic.

4. ‘And Then There were None’: One of the best books for travelers who enjoy murder mysteries.
Sometimes there’s nothing better for a long journey than a nice, gripping, murder mystery. Agatha Christie has long been heralded as a master of this genre and deservedly so. ‘And Then There were None’ is a unique murder mystery in that it doesn’t have a detective, just ten people trapped in a house with a killer on the loose. This interesting and thrilling twist on the mystery genre is sure to keep you glued to your seat and help the time to fly by on any long journey.

5.  ‘On the Road’: A mesmerizing hitchhiking story that ranks among the best books about traveling ever written.
This incredible odyssey, of a writer’s multiple adventures from coast to coast of the United States, was an inspiration of David Bowie and Bob Dylan. Not only is it a good travel book, but it’s also a vibrant novel with such vivid descriptions, you’ll feel like you are there with the characters yourself discovering the states on the roof of a bus. Jack Kerouac’s enchanting story is the perfect companion for anyone thinking of hitting highway 61 to experience the diverse landscapes of the USA.

These are just five examples of incredible travel books, and there are many more out there. All of them will certainly help you while away those endless hours in an airport or hotel room. A good book can be the perfect companion for a long journey; so why not use your next vacation as a chance to sink into one of these classic travel books.