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5 Countries where bingo is the most popular amongst gamblers

5 Countries where bingo is the most popular amongst gamblers

Bingo has a long history, having been passed from one country to another. In Italy, it was a full-on lottery. In Germany, it was a way to pass down arithmetic skills to the younger generations. And in the USA, it was a fun pastime that helped soldiers train their brains and relax while at war. It was even here that the game, then known as beano, got its bingo name. The gameplay was such a hit that a statistician created bingo cards with the help of Edward Lowe. And once the rule book was released, it became more accessible to people worldwide who could replicate the game.

So, by the time online gaming started towards the end of the 20th century, bingo was worldwide. People had already mastered the game and were taking advantage of online sites like Swanky Bingo to have fun and make money. Even so, the game’s popularity was not standard as some regions had taken more liking to the game than others. It begs the question, which countries have the largest population of Bingo players?

Bingo’s Worldwide Popularity
It was not hard for people to fall in love with bingo. After all, it was a simple game that barely required one to master any skills. Once they had learned the rules and bought tickets, the outcome was up to luck. That’s why anyone could play it regardless of:
- Age,
- Educational background,
- Income,
- Skills, etc.

It was a game that equalized everyone. And so, spreading the love surrounding the game was easy. The game especially caught on in the following countries:

1. The United Kingdom
This list would not be accurate if it did not touch on how popular bingo is in the UK. When the game started, UK players would enjoy it in traditional halls. And commuting to these halls became such a norm that they increased significantly over the decades. Soon enough, bingo became ingrained in the culture. But it was mainly seen as a game for older adults.

Once online gaming started, the interest in bingo grew. Here was a chance for younger generations to explore what the game offered. They also loved it as it provided them with simple gameplay, live chat options, and an opportunity to make money. The notion that bingo was a game for older adults slowly changed, and the bingo population soon grew.

The UK is one region that has held on to both online and offline bingo options. Many people still frequent bingo halls, while many younger adults prefer gaming online. Overall, the game boasts at least 3.5 million players.

2. The United States
Bingo was not bingo until it reached the United States. Back then, people would yell ‘Beano’ when they won. It wasn’t until someone in the U.S. yelled ‘Bingo’ that people felt that bingo had a better ring to it. And bingo it became, setting the pace for a game that would soon change the gaming world.

Unlike in the UK, where bingo was mainly for fun, people in the U.S. realized that this game was an easy way to raise money for charity. People had no qualms about working with churches and other non-profit organizations to organize bingo events. A big chunk of the ticket funds would go to good causes while winners also got their share of the prize. It was a win-win situation that pushed many people to try the game.

Thanks to the growth of online bingo, the U.S. boasts at least 60 million players!

3. Italy
Bingo draws its roots from Italy, where it is said to have first started back in the 16th century. At the time, it was a lottery game that featured the same simplicity it does today. Citizens would try their luck at matching the numbers, and if they won, they would take the prize home. Other nations loved the idea and soon borrowed it, implementing it in the way they saw fit.

Back in Italy, the game grew only stronger, with businesspeople putting up parlors where bingo players could gather. These parlors lost their allure when online gaming became more accessible. However, players who enjoy physical games still head to these parlors, hoping to relive the good old days.

4. Germany
While many countries viewed bingo as a way to have fun, Germany gave the game a bit of a twist. It used the game to pass on arithmetic skills to its students. But away from school, Germans enjoyed the game a great deal. So, it was not a surprise that they were playing the game far and wide by the end of the 19th century.

To date, many Germans play bingo. And while the online gaming laws may be a bit blurry, many players use offsite sites to enjoy the game online. After all, online bingo offers:
- Convenience,
- Variety,
- Affordability, and
- A chance to interact with players worldwide.

It also helps that most online sites have rewards for new players.

5. Sweden
Last but not least, Sweden also has a growing bingo population. Its growth in numbers majorly owes to the increase in online bingo, which has attracted younger players. Even so, traditional halls are still available for players who enjoy physical games.

Which other country comes close?