Iberostar launches new mobile app

In line with the digital transformation of the hospitality industry and the brand’s commitment to providing guests with the most innovative products, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts launched its new app.

The Majorca-based chain is constantly evolving and continues to invest in the improvements of its products and services to offer the best experience to all its guests.

This effort is seen in projects such as the development of the new app, opening new channels of communication between the hotel and its guests.

The new tool is an app designed and developed entirely by the company and will therefore not depend on other products on the market.

The platform will be open to future innovations, and has the capacity to incorporate new functions such as opening room doors or as a payment platform, positioning it at the forefront of the industry and as a unique benefit for Iberostar guests.

Tomeu Bennasar, chief information officer for Groupo Iberostar explained: “For Iberostar, the constant commitment to innovation is essential.

“Combined with our primary focus on customer service, we are motivated to provide forward-thinking products and services, particularly on smart devices which are now part of our everyday lives.

“The new app also enables us to better serve our guests in real-time with the inclusion of the e-concierge function, which provides guests access to a digital butler service to ask hotel staff for anything they need at any time.”