Heathrow launches new festive advert

Heathrow has today unveiled its second-ever Christmas advert, showing the 50-year-long love story of Doris and Edward Bair, the airports much-loved teddy bears, who were shown in the airports first Christmas television ad last year.

The advert opens in the 60’s where the bears first set eyes on each other.

Edward was still his clumsy self, leaving his coat on an aircraft by accident when returning from a business trip.

Doris, the airline’s air stewardess, notices and chases after him.

She wouldn’t want to see a passenger get cold.

Their eyes meet: the rest is history.

Set to the distinctive sentimental sound of Petula Clark’s ‘Couldn’t Live Without Your Love’, we see a series of tender and charming moments across their fifty-year history in which Doris and Edward are brought closer together every Christmas.

The advert sees the re-ignition of the partnership between Heathrow and film direction by DOM&NIC through Outsider Productions and animation from The Mill.

Creative was led by advertising agency HAVAS London.

To create a nostalgic backdrop location, much of the advert was filmed in the historical Terminal 1; which closed to passengers in 2016 after over 50 years of travel reunions.

British Airways provided an original BOAC aircraft, air hostess uniforms and additional historical details to help convey the authentic history of air travel.