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Michael Jackson alive and living in Dubai?

31 August 2010 Focus

Footage claiming to show Michael Jackson stepping out a coroner’s van after his death is being seized upon by conspiracy theorists who believe that the King of Pop is still alive and kicking. Two months on from the day the world was rocked by the death of our greatest pop superstar, where might Jacko be now if he really did stage his own demise?

Neverland - the world’s newest tourist attraction?

26 June 2009 Press Release Tourism News

For the masses gathered outside UCLA Medical Centre to popstars hitting the airwaves to express their grief, Michael Jackson’s untimely death came as a bolt from the blue.Yet to the small group of family members and those in his inner circle, it served as more than a “Diana moment” but the tragic confirmation of their deepest fears - the King of Pop died from a massive heart attack they blame on the pressure of his impending 50-date tour at London’s O2 Arena.