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Ula Giniotytė, Lithuania Expo 2015 pavilion director

Ula Giniotytė, Lithuania Expo 2015 pavilion director

8th Jun 2015 Videos

With Expo Milan 2015 now in full swing in Italy, Breaking Travel News editor Chris O’Toole here visits to chat with Ula Giniotytė, director of the Lithuanian pavilion. On the agenda are Lithuania’s plans in the coming months, the importance of being seen at Expo Milan and a look at the mixture of tradition and innovation presented in the pavilion.

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3rd Feb 2009 Press Release Tourism News

In 2009, Lithuania celebrates the millennium of its name, a symbolic borderline of its prehistory and the starting point of its civilization. No other date in the second half of the 20th century or the beginning of the 21st century comes close to the importance of this jubilee date for the history of Lithuania.Lithuania inhabited by people of Baltic descent, was once a powerful empire stretching from Baltic Sea to Black Sea. It is now known for its fascinating history, beautiful nature and friendly, welcoming people.Lithuania has one of the nicest capitals in Europe - Vilnius, which is still undiscovered by mass tourism.