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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Chris Blackwell

13 July 2004 Press Release Tourism News

Ben Kilbey in LondonThere is a man in the Caribbean who is some what a legend. A man so influential yet so grounded that he inspires others to attempt to achieve what he has over his long and illustrious career. This man goes by the name of Chris Blackwell, and when this name is mentioned across the region, and especially Jamaica, ears prick up. The reason? Chris is an inspiration, he has been the driving force behind many great projects in the region; just take a glimpse at his Island Outpost properties spread across Jamaica and the Bahamas (Pink Sands, The Caves, Golden Eye, Jakes etc.) These are properties of distinction, prestige but above all uniqueness. Quite simply some of the greatest properties in the world. How does he manage it? The philosophy is quite simple; The Island Outpost philosophy is to provide guests with distinct places that share a common sensibility or aesthetic that makes them appealing to a certain kind of person. The company is committed to creating a unique, personal, relaxed experience- places where one can put a little distance between themselves and the rest of the world. After recently picking up a Life Time Achievement Award Caribbean Travel News met up with Chris to discuss the business, his outlook and what he never leaves home without.