Burj Dubai News

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa opens with dazzling light show

5 January 2010 Hotel News

Dubai has opened the world’s tallest building, renaming it the Burj Khalifa in honour and gratitude of the United Arab Emirates president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Plans have also been announced to open the world’s first Armani Hotel, which is located inside the tower, to the public in March.

World’s tallest building opens in Dubai

World’s tallest building opens in Dubai

4 January 2010 Tourism News

The world’s tallest building, and Dubai’s most remarkable architectural achievement to date, is officially set to open today. But the final height of the Burj Dubai won’t be revealed until tonight’s opening ceremony, when Dubai’s ruler is expected to make an ascent of the 169-floor “superscraper”.