Zegrahm Expeditions announces World of Thanks Donation on a recent South Pacific Educational Cruise

Zegrahm Expeditions announces World of Thanks Donation on a recent South Pacific Educational Cruise

A regular port call on their Hidden Gems of the South Pacific educational cruise itinerary, Zegrahm Expeditions recently returned to Niuatoputapu, a remote island in the Kingdom of Tonga. Hard hit by a tsunami in September of 2009, the islanders were in need of essential supplies in order to rebuild their community and lives. Aware of this need, Zegrahm made a special visit to the island on November 24 to deliver an assortment of provisions, including bags of rice, flour, and sugar; tins of meat; bottled water; school and medical supplies; sewing kits; and water purification tablets.

The people of the island were grateful and genuinely touched by the kindness of the donation made on behalf of the entire Zegrahm family—past travelers, staff, and the ship’s crew—during this South Pacific educational cruise. The islanders expressed their gratitude by presenting visitors with flower leis, traditional dance performances, and a kava ritual. Zegrahm cofounder, Jack Grove, addressed the community of Niuatoputapu in a formal donation ceremony and spoke on behalf of the travelers and crew. “We want to share our love with you and thank you for allowing us to come. We brought a few gifts, some small donations, but how wonderful to feel the love and compassion you share with us.”

Typically, Zegrahm Expeditions sends a gift to their past traveled clients at the end of each year. However, this year the company took the funds set aside for the gift and postage and applied them toward the supplies for the islanders of Niuatoputapu on this most recent South Pacific educational cruise. Read a blog post about the day and see a video of the donation at Zegrahm’s Web site: http://www.zeco.com.

Zegrahm’s South Pacific educational cruises are a great way for travelers to seek a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the region and offer an experience that expands their understanding of this unique culture. Like all of Zegrahm’s trips, these South Pacific educational cruises bring a comprehensive instructional component to the expedition through lectures by world-renowned experts, guided excursions, and daily recaps

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