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World’s first mobile app for hotel distribution

World’s first mobile app for hotel distribution

Hotel distribution has been an area of hurdles for most of the hoteliers across the industry. AxisRooms has been successful in overcoming these hurdles by providing new age technology solutions to breakdown the effort into much simpler ways. With mobile apps surrounding every possible corner of all day to day tasks, AxisRooms has been eminent in making tedious hotel distribution much more competent for the hoteliers by continuously delivering impeccable technology solutions.

To enhance this arena with a better reach & accessibility, AxisRooms announced the launch of world’s first mobile app for distribution, HEX. Launched this June, HEX will serve hoteliers to manage distribution on the go.

Commenting on the launch Anil Kumar Prasanna, CEO said - “As the tag line of our company goes ‘Distribution Simplified’, AxisRooms promises of making distribution a lot easier process than what it is today. HEX will be another milestone achieved by AxisRooms to ease the effort of distribution & will set a benchmark in the new hotel distribution square. This app will be power packed with a list of options. HEX will be the first hotel distribution system to be introduced for the android mobile systems for a greater accessibility in lieu with the traditional ways of managing distribution. This app has been launched to equip hoteliers with a tool to reduce the agony of the current distribution system but will simplify the ways of managing distribution anywhere & everywhere. This app will not only work as a distribution tool but will be a first-rate sales & contracting engine for the Hoteliers.”

This is for the first time that a hotel distribution system is introduced for a mobile device. With this mobile App, a large set of independent hoteliers, chains and other accommodation providers would now be able to enhance their system’s efficiency through smart phones and hence increasing their productivity with both Online Travel Agencies and also Offline Channels.

AxisRooms - HEX Beta version is currently available for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app will soon be available for IPhones & Windows devices as well.