World’s first meta search engine for Muslim travellers launches

World’s first meta search engine for Muslim travellers launches

The concept of Halal travel takes a giant leap forwards this month as the world’s first ever meta search engine for Muslim travellers officially launches.’s Halal tourism concept taps into the emerging global trend for Halal travel.

Pegged as one of the biggest initiatives in the burgeoning Halal tourism sector, LagiSatu’s unique approach is based on a Halal stars rating system which rates and lists travel services and facilities based on Muslim needs. Travellers can search for hotels and evaluate their accommodation options based on the amenities and services provided at the destination specifically for practising Muslims. co-founder Faeez Fadhlillah said, “With a total of 240 million people living in South East Asia considered as Muslim, with Indonesian being the largest Muslim country by population in the world, we have recognised that there is a strong demand for the concept of Halal travel. We are very pleased to incorporate HalalStars with LagiSatu and believe this will ultimately set us apart from other Meta search engines and other travel comparison websites. It was incredibly satisfying to have our innovation recognised by the WebInTravel awards and is a positive start for our brand new concept. Around 40% of South East Asia residents alone are practising Muslims, suggesting global demand for the HalalStars concept will be unprecedented in the travel industry.”

Travellers logging on to LagiSatu to search for their next hotel will be able to compare their options using HalalStars. It will rate each hotel based on various religious considerations. These include;

Room Amenities


*  Praying Mat
*  Qiblah Direction
*  Quran
*  Ablution Facilities
*  Hotel Services
*  Qiblah Direction can be obtained
*  List of Halal Restaurants can be obtained
*  Local Praying Times can be obtained
*  List of Mosques can be obtained
*  Food
*  Halal Room Service
*  Pre-order Halal Food
*  Halal Restaurant
*  Iftar & Sahoor can be arranged

As the world’s first meta search engine to incorporate the Halal rating concept, is the natural online destination for business and leisure travellers planning their next trip. Visitors logging on will find the best hotel deals available online with just a single click. It compares prices on more than 250,000 hotels in over 180 countries around the world, with new hotels and destinations added daily. Partners include some of the biggest names in global travel:, Agoda, eBookers, Expedia, Hotelclub and many more.