Wings Corporate Travel expands presence globally with the launch of dual-headquarters

Wings Corporate Travel expands presence globally with the launch of dual-headquarters

Wings® Corporate Travel has announced the establishment of a dual head office in London. The announcement coincides with the opening of the third Wings® UK branch, based in Manchester, providing greater centralisation of services for clients.

Paul East, CCO for Wings® Corporate Travel says that the UK head office will be responsible for the strategic management of the company’s operational requirements in Europe and will also ensure the company can provide exceptional high-touch service to clients.

Says East, “Our growing level of business in the European region has led to the recent opening of our third operation in the UK and in line with our growth projections we have accelerated our plans for a centralised service offering within the area. London is an ideal location from which to operate a head office, linking Europe to the United States and Africa.”

A distinct advantage for clients in having a dual head office in the UK region as part of Wings®’ global network of offices is its strategic location in providing travel management for traffic across three continents, namely Europe, the USA and Africa. This ensures effective travel management between the major business sectors around the globe, a service that is vital to clients who need fast and efficient travel at a moment’s notice. In addition, all operations are wholly owned by Wings®, eliminating the usual pitfalls experienced by franchised operations and ensuring consistent levels of service and professionalism for clients.

“The new head office in London will oversee the travel logistics for Europe in the same way our sister head office in Johannesburg, South Africa oversees the logistics for Africa and the Middle East. Consolidating these centralised operations in specific geographic locations means personalised multinational coverage for clients regardless of their point of origin and final destination,” says East.


The new head office will play a pivotal role in the growth of the business, both in turnover and profit, over the next six months. Further to this, additional new operations in the UK will be instrumental for further expansion into the European market for Wings®.

“Experienced, high quality people that deliver personalised high-touch service are fundamental to growing a business and it’s one of the crucial reasons for the establishment of the new head office,” concludes East.