WhichBudget unveils airline rating system

WhichBudget unveils airline rating system

Free flight search engine and destination finder WhichBudget.com today unveils its user-generated airline rating system, which reveals the airlines travellers rank most highly. 

The new rating system was adopted after WhichBudget.com survey of 2000 customers revealed that over a third (37%) were as likely or more likely to favour the airline they favour over price.

The real-time airline rating system, which goes live today after being piloted amongst a sample of customers,  shows on a scale of 1-5 the airlines who they perceive to be performing best. 

The system also takes into account the latest changes in service-levels of specific airlines, so allows for of-the-moment feedback.

WhichBudget airline rating


Martino Matijevic, CEO and Founder of WhichBudget.com comments; “WhichBudget.com is always keen to make choosing flights as easy and transparent as possible for travellers, so our airline rating system really helps us to assist those searching for a value-for-money flight.

“While the majority of our visitors are still guided by price, today even national carriers such as BA are massively reducing fares and including “optional” extras.  This is shifting the goal posts of ‘value-for-money’ flights, and customers are making a more educated buying decision based on a range of criteria.”

To view the new airline rating system or to cast your vote, please visit WhichBudget.com.