Whats new at Santa Barbara Zoo?

Created by Chiodo Bros., a top Hollywood creature shop, the amazingly lifelike T. Rex can run, roar, snort, growl, sneeze, blink, and even poop, as an operator inside Duncan controls his actions. “How to Train Your Dinosaur” is a comedic, family friendly show in which the hosts use Duncan to demonstrate the special care received by the Zoo’s animals and how certain behaviors can be trained – such as allowing his teeth to be brushed by a giant toothbrush. (The Zoo’s gorilla’s teeth are brushed daily with a normal toothbrush). The show is performed twice daily, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. beginning May at the Zoo’s Rolling Hill Stage. Shows are weekends only until June 15, then Wednesdays through Sundays. Shows are free with Zoo admission, and spectators view the show from outdoor seating on a grassy hillside.