Virgin Limited Edition’s Ulusaba

Virgin Limited Edition’s Ulusaba

Ulusaba, Sir Richard Branson’s private game reserve in South Africa, joins Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA) to celebrate ‘Arbor Month’ for the entire month of September 2009.  In efforts to further enrich a guest’s experience and in line with their commitment to social responsibility, Pride n’ Purpose, Ulusaba’s charitable arm, will invite guests to buy and help plant a fruit tree in over 400 households located within the local village of Dumphries. A noble activity following a morning game drive and a great way to meet the locals!

For just R300 per person, a family will be provided a fruit tree that will last a lifetime! Once a tree has been planted, Ulusaba will happily update those involved on the progress of the tree and the family.  If there isn’t time to plant a tree, one can be planted on a guest’s behalf for only R80.


The goal for this month is to improve the quality of life and create sustainable settlements by giving low-income communities fruit or indigenous trees to plant at their homes in South Africa.  Trees still supply the basic elements of life – oxygen, water vapour, food, shelter and fuel and are an efficient way to offset carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.



At Ulusaba, the guest experience goes beyond the adventures of the bush and into the lives of the surrounding communities.